Thursday, 15 November 2018

No car but lots of food

Well, the car's still not back....hopefully today.  The garage had to send it to another garage as they didn't have a necessary bit of diagnostic kit or the specialist knowledge to fix the problem.  We know the 2nd garage is expensive.  We're dreading the bill.  Been lying awake worrying again.

On a positive note, I did the food inventories yesterday and it's all good.  There's enough homemade ready meals (cottage pie, bolognaise, various stews, chicken pie, toad in the hole, etc), meat and fish in the freezers for about a month's worth of dinners.  Quite a lot of frozen veg and fruit.  Then there are all the tins, packets of dried beans, rice, pasta, couscous, plus fresh homegrown veggies - about 10 butternut squashes in the utility room, loads of leeks, carrots and parsnips still in the garden.  Lots of (bought) onions and shallots and most of the small sack (7.5kg) of spuds we bought last week.

Breakfasts and lunches are easy - we have either porridge or cereal (value range wheat biscuits or bran flakes, both of which taste absolutely fine) with homegrown berries which I take out of the freezer the night before.  Sometimes we - well, mainly husband - have toast with peanut butter or Vegemite.  Lunches are usually homemade soup with homemade bread, or something on toast - cheese, eggs, beans or tinned tomatoes.  We have enough flour and yeast to make around a dozen more loaves, we generally get through 2 loaves a week.

All I will need to buy for the rest of this month is a bit of dairy (we'll run out of milk, and get very low on cheese and baking marg/olive spread very soon), a bag of plain flour and bottle of washing up liquid.  I'm actually pleasantly surprised at just how much food we have in, we've accumulated a lot by buying a few extras when they were on special offer the past few weeks.

We will have literally no spare money for the next few weeks (good job we don't really 'do' Christmas), and won't be going to the village Christmas dinner early next month....we went last year and it was a good evening, but at £20 per head we certainly can't afford it this year.  But we have plenty of food, a warm house with lovely views and walks are free.  Fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong, or I'll just have to sell my body!  (that wouldn't be much of a money spinner, nobody would want it lol.  I am joking, by the way - couldn't be bothered with mustering up the effort!).

*EDIT And now my laptop's dead!!!


  1. Oh, no!!!
    But well done with the food situation. You will be able to make some real feasts with what you have in. Having a bit of a stash is really hgelpful at times like these.

  2. omg, I can't believe your laptops gone as well but good job you've got plenty of food. We don't do Christmas and this year we are not going anywhere. Every year we give in and go to one of them (kids) but we are just going to lounge indoors this year. lovely.

  3. Sorry you have car trouble and hope it's not as bad as you think. Look on the bright side you have each other and lots of nice food to eat.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Why when something unexpected happens we always fear the worse, well done for taking stock of you freezers and stock cupboards, and regaining your feeling of hope. We too will be glad once this year is over.

  5. As you say you have food, warmth and a beautiful location, and there are plenty of free things to do.

  6. Cars are so expensive - I dread garage bills. I'm in awe of your stocked freezer - all that homemade food is amazing. You put me to shame!

  7. Oh no, not a dead laptop! Quickly - breathe some life into it!


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