Tuesday 19 March 2019

Back to our 'normal' normal :(

My washing machine, having reset itself over the weekend and successfully managing a spin and a wash, is now not working again - and we've not even had another power cut.  And we cancelled the scheduled repair yesterday.  Rats.  I googled and watched a couple of YouTube videos and followed instructions.....didn't work.  So it's back to calling out a repairman again.  

The refund money from the car repair warranty didn't go into our bank account yesterday as promised, nor today.  Husband rang them, only to be told "oh no, it'll take up to 7 working days!".  Huh, that's not what he was told last Friday, he was assured it would go in the bank yesterday.  Why can't businesses just get it right?!

It's been a week since my 24-hour wee test, I rang the surgery to ask if they've got the results.....nope, nothing yet.  I hate just waiting, I don't do patience very well.  I want to know everything - now.  

And I'm still not sleeping at all well....we have dinner and then I'm counting the hours (minutes!) until I can go to bed, I'm just so knackered.  And my back is killing me again, and I keep getting short but sharp headaches.  Grump, grump.

On the plus side, husband continues to feel so much better than he did last week, I was quite worried about him over the weekend.


  1. Glad husband is feeling better but sorry about the other stuff. It takes so long to get test results. Annoying when you just want to know what is going on.

  2. I am having trouble sleeping again Sue, arthritis in the hip, sleep deprivation is awful isn't it. Sorry you have backache, thats not nice, glad to hear your husband is better though. Take care, would a warm bath help your back?x

  3. with regards to your refund, they can get the payment into your bank in two hours. I know because I do this where I work. Hope your test is ok, and glad to see your husband is feeling better.

  4. I think that insurance company is telling a few porkies Sooze. Even a cheque clears in three days so a direct payment into your account should be a lot quicker than that.

    I hope your test results come in soon.

  5. How utterly frustrating for you.
    They're quick enough to take it, aren't they?

  6. Sounds like the usual stalling techniques - I think insurers run courses in it!

  7. Hope you get results yet this week and it is good news , whatever good news is.

  8. It never rains but it pours and you seem to be stuck in the middle of a monsoon. If your money does not turn up give them a call at least twice a day, there is no reason why they did not transfer it straight away and it should have been available within 2 hours.


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