Wednesday, 20 March 2019


An up today on the rollercoaster of our life....the money is in the bank.  And the washing machine repairman is rebooked for Friday.   No wee results yet, ho hum.  I suppose no news is good news.

Our landlord is sending a builder round to us tomorrow afternoon.  Each time someone moves out of one of these 4 rented houses (two pairs of semis) owned by the farm, the landlord gets any work done that needs doing...the house next door (the other half of our semi) is virtually unmodernised, so needs a lot doing to it - new kitchen and bathroom (ours have already been done), new electrics (ours was made safe before we moved in, although not actually updated) and apparently needs some repairs to the roof.  As our roof is a continuation of theirs, it's being checked to see whether ours needs doing too....we've already had a new chimney a couple of years ago - not that the chimney is used, it isn't, but it was in danger of collapsing.  I hope it doesn't mean tons of upheaval, don't think my nerves could stand it at the moment.  Although it's nice that it's being checked without us having to ask.

Had a morning out in Weston-Super-Mare this morning, it was nice to get out and blow the cobwebs away.  The tide was out - and it goes out a very long way there - so no sight of the sea today.  Had a coffee and a little mooch round the shops, bought some dog food that Betty really likes at a price a lot cheaper than we normally pay, and a pair of leather slider sandals for husband.  He'll need them for when he has his foot operated on and comes home in either a thick bandage or even a plaster cast (I don't know which it will be). 


  1. We lived in Weston for many years when the girls were young, we loved it there. We visited a couple of years ago and the town center had changed so much, we spent loads of summer days on the golden beach.

  2. What are slider sandals, never heard of them.
    Maybe things will start looking up for you now.

  3. Small world. I was in Western today as well!

  4. Great news about the money and, like you, hoping that no news means it is good news.

  5. It's been a gorgeous day here today so we had a day at the seaside too, it was lovely to stroll along the sand. Glad you got some of the money back, though it's annoying that you had to fight for it.

  6. Glad to hear things are looking up - a day at the seaside with the sea air can only help you feel a bit brighter. Jill from Land of the Big Sky calls it her Vitamin Sea!

  7. We stayed in Weston Super Mare the other year. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great and everything had the colour of putty. The sky, the sea and the beach were a really yucky colour... But oh, when the sun came out it was glorious.

  8. Hooray for money in the bank! Boo to the faulty washing machine! Keep your chin up Sooze, life is throwing lemons at you but I'm rooting for you. x


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