Saturday, 8 June 2019

A lie in

I didn't get up until 5.30 am this morning - a big lie in for me!  And I only woke up twice during the night, didn't need to go for a wee and didn't get up and go downstairs.  And I got back to sleep pretty quickly the first time of waking up, and was awake for probably less than an hour the second time.  I think last night was one of those times where the lack of sleep had really caught up with me and so I slept pretty well - for me anyway.  Hazel, you mentioned me drinking coffee at 4.30 am is not very good for my sleeping pattern....I don't go back to bed when I get up then, that's my normal getting up time, so my morning coffee - even if it is at 4.30 am - has no impact on my sleeping time.

I started filling in my sleep diary, but the website crashed soon after I started (was it something I said?! 😂), so will have to finish it later.

Yesterday was a horrible day, it was really dark and nasty and chucked it down practically all day.  I know it's good for the garden, but meant we were stuck indoors all day and even Betty didn't want to go out.  We had a bit of thunder as well, which she's not keen on, fortunately it didn't last very long.

Today is sunny and dry with a lot of blue sky with some fluffy clouds, it is a bit chilly though.  I'd spent some time in the front garden a couple of days ago, pruning, deadheading and weeding and it looked a lot of the flowers look very bedraggled and my lovely David Austin rose Munstead Wood, a dark red double flowered shrub rose with the most glorious strong 'old rose' scent, has dropped its petals all over the lawn (it's in the middle of the lawn).  Oh well, there are more buds and the rest of the flowers in the garden will pick up soon, I expect.  At least Betty doesn't bite the flower heads off now like she used to, she's grown up a bit thankfully, the little monkey.

I've got my diabetic eye screening this afternoon - our local health services seem to be doing more out of hours general appointments now - I had an evening GP appointment last week.  The eye screening is fine, over and done with very quickly, but the drops they put in my eyes to open up my pupils sting like mad and make my eyesight extremely blurry for a couple of hours afterwards, and very sensitive to bright light so I have to wear my prescription sunglasses.

Husband's peeing agony hasn't lessened at all, poor thing, I do feel sorry for him and he's getting really fed up with it.  He's going back to the GP again on Monday.


  1. I'm sorry your husband painful condition isn't improving and hope the medics will investigate further.

    I think the secret with the programmes such as the sleep clinic is just to go with the flow and do as they ask as best as you can. I don't suppose for one moment that they are actually reading your responses yet, they'll just want to build up a complete picture and then address the issue when it has all been accumulated and collated.

    Hope you have more good sleepy nights coming!

  2. The eye stuff does sting doesn’t it but even though my pupils enlarge, it doesn’t seem to affect my eyesight much.

  3. Sorry your husband is still having problems. Yes we need the rain but it plays havoc with roses and the wind today has pushed the honeysuckle support over.

  4. Oh, I bet he is SO ready for that to be over.
    Take care. Thinking of you guys.

  5. Oh, poor S I do wish him well and fast too! Give him a hug for me please.

    I remember those eyedrops, I used to be blurry for hours; I hope that the results were good though? xx


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