Sunday, 9 June 2019

A nice weekend, and sexual orientation

Apart from the weather, that is.  Yesterday wasn't too bad, a fair bit of sunshine, but with a chilly wind, following loads of very strong winds and rain through the previous night.  This morning it's been ok-ish, the chilly wind had dropped, some sunshine again.  About half an hour ago though we had a dry thunderstorm - lots of thunder but no rain, didn't see any lightning either.  Now it's come over very black so looks like we're going to have heavy rain very soon.   The week's weather is forecast to be very changeable....fortunately, we've not really got a lot on this week, after having had a busy few weeks with lots of appointments.

Anyway, other than the weather (and husband's ongoing wee problems) we've had a nice weekend.  I had a bit more sleep than usual Friday night, so woke up feeling fairly alert - for me, anyway - yesterday.  Did a bit of housework, rearranged my new craft desk stuff a bit more.  Told husband I wanted to get one of those 3-tier letter trays to hold my card blanks and envelopes....he said he could make me one, he'd got plenty of offcuts of timber.  He's been twiddling his thumbs a bit lately, as he hasn't been able to do much because of his health stuff, so I said go ahead as it would give him something to do.  He's put it all together now apparently, and is in the process of painting it - the bases he's covered in sticky back plastic, he's painting the sides white.   I haven't seen it yet as it's in the shed, but am sure it'll be fine.

Yesterday afternoon I went to hospital for my diabetic eye screening.  All fine, as usual, other than the blurry eyesight afterwards.  Oh, and they have to ask a couple of new questions nowadays for the admin stuff - the nurse said it's now compulsory for them to ask, but we can refuse to answer!  She had to ask about my sexual orientation - although what on earth that has to do with my eyesight or how my sexual orientation can have any bearing on my medical treatment I don't know!  It did annoy me and I asked her why they need to ask - she said it's because transgender people insist on all-inclusivity.  Now, before anyone says anything, I have no problem whatsoever with any LGBT orientation, each to their own (we have family members who follow different paths).  They shouldn't have to ask such questions because there should be no need to ask, it shouldn't be an issue.  It's just political correctness gone mad I think, everyone is so afraid of getting sued.  

Went over to our lovely friends late afternoon for a cuppa, they always make me smile.  Had a late night catching up with some stuff and slept reasonably well afterwards. 😊

Today I've done washing (had to tumble dry it as the weather's been so changeable) and a bit more housework, went to do a small top-up shop, cooked dinner, watched last week's recorded episode of Gentleman Jack, which I'm really enjoying - Suranne Jones is such a brilliant actor.

Husband is still suffering agonies when peeing, we can't wait to see the GP again tomorrow to try and get to the bottom of why he's still in so much pain.  

My sleep programme starts properly tomorrow, will be interesting to see what they have to say about my first week's sleep diary.


  1. If it's anything like the part of the NHS I work in, it's nothing to do with outside pressure from anyone, it's to do with making sure there is no unconscious or built in bias against any particular groups within the system. There was always an option not to answer through - Sue.

  2. I do get fed up with being asked questions like that - it has as much bearing on your treatment as does your religious leanings i.e. nil! I suppose veganism might though? xx

  3. Glad you had a nice weekend and hope your husband gets some help at the doctors.


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