Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Anyone got any matchsticks?

😔  I think I'm going to have to stand up all day....if I sit down I'm in danger of nodding off, I'm so tired.  This sleep restriction is so hard!  I found it very difficult to stay awake until bedtime at midnight last night, but still woke several times during the night.  Consequently, come 5 am I could happily have turned over and stayed in bed for another hour, but that's not allowed this week.  I did briefly think about throwing in the towel, but I'm not a quitter and I can see the logic behind this sleep restriction, so I will persevere.

Husband has now finished his umpteenth course of antibiotics - the pain on weeing persists, I hope his hospital appointment comes soon, for his sake.  His blood test for prostate cancer has come back clear - however, the test isn't infallible, apparently, and 15% of men with 'clear' results do actually have cancer!  It still means that 85% of men don't, so the statistics are in his favour.  

Scarlet, thank you for the information, I've been reading up on it, very interesting and something to think about.

We're going to a family wedding in August, it's taking place about 70 miles away, we're not staying overnight.  We were debating what to do about Betty - we wouldn't leave her home alone for that length of time (we're anticipating we'll be out for 7 or 8 hours, if not a bit more) and don't want to put her in kennels - we're probably never going to do that.  Our friendly neighbours with the little spaniel (Betty's frenemy Poppy) have offered to have her in the past....very kind of them but Betty and Poppy sometimes don't get on, they have lots of little scraps, and I don't want them falling out in Poppy's home, it wouldn't be fair on anybody.  We would have taken Betty with us, she's happy enough in her travel cage in the car, she just goes to sleep and is no trouble at all.  But it means that one or the other of us would have to keep going out to the car to check on her and take her out to stretch her legs, and of course if it's a hot day we can't leave her in the car anyway.  So now a (dogless) good friend is going to have her for the day, he's used to her and knows her well, and she likes him.  This is a Very Big Thing for me - Betty is my baby and I wouldn't trust just anybody to have her, particularly in view of the fact that she's so strong - and strong-willed too.  But I trust him to look after her.  

We're going to have to go and buy some more veg plants this week, our garden (both veg and flowers) is so far behind this year, it's been so wet and cold which has affected everything.  Around half of the veg seeds husband sowed earlier have either not sprouted at all, or died off as seedlings.  So disappointing.  We must have plenty of veg growing, as we eat so much of it nowadays, so will have to bite the bullet and buy veg plants.


  1. I share your germination frustrationg. Thankfully, the runner beans I had to buy as plants are looking very happy. Seeds are best (cheapest) but plantlets are a great second option, I think.
    I'm really glad you have someone to look after Betty. Perhaps, over time, that might develop into a canine sleepover, you never know.
    I guess it is going to be very hard to change sleeping patterns and I'm glad you are not giving up. Do you think some new pillows or even a new mattress might help you to sleep longer? (just a thought)

    1. Or just try your other bed and do you sleep longer or better in it?

  2. We leave Ruby up to 5 hours a day when we need to go out. As my son says, they are left all night so the same length of time during the day should be fine. Can’t quite bring myself to do it yet.

  3. Same problem here with veg seeds colder and wetter than usual for this time of year and when they were planted.
    Good to have a good friend you trust with Betty and he already knows her , they should have a lovely time.
    I wonder about a kidney stone stuck in his man parts. Sorry , don't mean to be crude. Or just one that passed and caused some injury that could heal.

  4. Well done for not giving up on the sleep program. It must be really hard. Good to have somebody to look after Betty.


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