Wednesday, 5 June 2019

More antibiotics

Husband went back to the GP yesterday, he had to take in yet another wee sample (his 4th) and she's changed his antibiotics for the 3rd time.  Hopefully, these will do the trick.  He's getting really fed up with it now, it's so debilitating, he can't do anything much as he constantly has this urgent need to go for a pee, every half hour or so, and it's so painful for him as well.  During the night he's been having to get up for the loo about 5 or 6 times, which wakes me up as well as him.  He does go back to sleep pretty much straight away though, whereas it takes me a while.  So we're both knackered now.  On rare occasions we do sleep in separate rooms, when one or the other of us is unwell and doesn't want to disturb the other.  I don't really want to make a habit of it though, but I might go in the other room for a night or two this week.  It's having an impact on our daily lives as well, as we can't go out for a dog walk on the beach, or for a drive anywhere, because husband needs to be near a loo.

Jessica, thank you for the suggestion to drink pomegranate juice rather than cranberry, we bought some yesterday....husband says he's willing to try anything.

The workmen laid the loft insulation quickly and quietly....although they did inadvertently pull the aerial wire out of its socket!  Fortunately, husband had the TV on at the time so was able to tell them immediately what they'd done, when the TV went off.  Apparently, the kitchen ceiling isn't in any danger of collapsing, it's only the plaster skim that's cracking.

My sleep diary that I fill in every morning calculates the amount of sleep I'm getting each night, taking into account the times I wake up and how long's an average of 4 hours or so, which is longer than I thought actually.  It also asks me how I feel each morning, I have to check however many boxes apply out of their list....the first two are 'energised' and 'refreshed' - I'd laugh out loud at those if I had the energy!  They don't have a box for 'knackered', which is my default setting.  I tick 'tired' every day, sometimes 'moody', sometimes 'frustrated', sometimes 'groggy'.  Today I've ticked all of those.  I think my list should be 'knackered', 'in pain', 'aching like I've been in a boxing ring', 'no motivation to do anything' and 'feeling like I'm 100 years old'.

At least the sun's shining today, and my lovely Betty is curled up beside me.


  1. Good news about the ceiling and that things are quieter, not so good on the health front. My fingers are crossed (for what it's worth) that the new meds are working as to be so long in such discomfort is not good at all.
    Is trhere any space to add words to that sleep diary. If not, maybe you need to add a covering slip, maybe a post it. Or is it all online?

    1. Yes it's all done online, Joy. They do have some sections where you can add your own thoughts. xx

    2. Good good. Add all your comments, they want them.

  2. Let's hope this lot works, as I told you, I had to have 3 lots before mine went. Problem is, once you've had this you are always in dread its going to come back. I now try to drink more water but its not east as I hate water.

  3. You must be so fed up with everything but let's hope they find the underlying cause soon and that these anti-biotics work. Interesting what these sleep diaries reveal.x

  4. Is there room for comments anywhere on the form? If not I might use another piece of paper to tell them all of this. They do need to know, I think.


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