Saturday, 1 June 2019

Several steps forward!

Husband's weeing frequency is slowing down now, finally - it still hurts him to pee though, although he's not shouting in pain anymore, so it looks like the new tablets are beginning to work.  

Mum's consultant says he's satisfied with her UTI progress, but reckons the physio will want to keep her in hospital for another week, to improve her mobility further.  Mum made it to the loo down the corridor by herself yesterday, using a zimmer frame, but was so weak by the time she got there that she had to pull the cord for assistance.  Still, it's a big improvement on two fronts - she walked a short way by herself, and asked for help when she needed it, something she's not been keen on doing up till now.  Sis and a friend started on the changing of Mum's rooms around yesterday, a couple of male friends are going today to help move furniture up and down stairs, so it'll all be ready for Mum when she goes home.

We took the money pit car to be shot part exchanged this morning, picking up another car, a much nicer one all round.  We're very happy with it and hope it will give us several trouble-free years - it should do, it's low mileage for the age and has been exceptionally well maintained.  It's old and therefore didn't cost a lot, but so long as it doesn't keep breaking down like the last one did, we don't mind.  It looks nice anyway.

I've had a letter today from the sleep clinic, welcoming me into their programme and asking me to get in touch asap, so they've obviously had my GP's referral through.  I have to keep a sleep diary every day for a week first.....well, more of a 'lack of sleep' one!

Off upstairs for a nap now - something I never normally do, but am just so completely exhausted I really need some sleep before I fall down.


  1. All good happenings then. Let's hope that it keeps on in this fashion!

    Everything still crossed for you. xx

  2. Good on the sleep study.
    All the other good news as well.

  3. Good news all round, in fact. That's great.
    Hope you slept well.

  4. I am so glad things are improving for you.

  5. So many great baby steps, hoping they will continue on for you.

  6. Glad you are having some good news.

  7. Things looking more hopeful all round - long may that trend continue for you

  8. I remember for my MIL's return home the physio advised us to take the legs off the double bed so the base was flat on the floor so she didn't have to climb into bed - she was only small anyway but had shrunk to well under 4'10" by this time. It did the trick though!
    Glad things are looking up a bit - have a good snooze.

  9. Glad your husband's UTI is easing, bladder infections are such misery and so painful.

    Good to hear the new car is a success, fingers crossed it remains that way for a good while now!

    Good luck with the sleep makeover and continued improvement for your Mum.

  10. sounds like things are on the up. x


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