Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Sleep (lack of) and husband's UTI (still!)

Thank you for answer some of them:-

Cherie, yes we bought 4 cartons of cranberry juice at the weekend, he's been drinking several glasses a day since then.  No improvement so far.

Viv - yes you're right, Mum's world has indeed shrunk so I guess it's not surprising that she doesn't have a lot to talk about and tends to repeat herself.  She'd hear my answers too a lot better if she wore her hearing aids!

Joy, I fill in the sleep diary in the morning, I don't have to do it every time I wake up (thank goodness!).  They don't need me to be precise about exact time I woke up etc, they just ask whether each wakefulness period was early in the night, middle or end of the night, roughly how long I was awake, what woke me up (I don't always know actually), whether I got out of bed, etc etc.  

I feel like death warmed up today, I was really restless during the night.  And husband woke me up to tell me it was raining, not long after I'd gone to sleep, I could have kicked him.  He didn't deliberately wake me, he just woke up himself and announced it was raining, thinking I was awake too - which woke me up.  Do I need to know what the weather's doing when I'm in bed?  I think not, but he obviously thought so!

He didn't want to go back to the GP yesterday as he said he felt better.  However, come evening he felt quite bad again, started needing to go for a wee every half hour or so again and it was really painful again each time, he had to go several times through the night as well.  He's just got up and I've told him he's ringing the doc at 8 am regardless of how he feels.  This has gone on long enough now.

The workmen appear to have finished next door (she says, fingers crossed).  They're coming to us this morning, to lay loft insulation (we haven't had any since moving in, despite us asking the landlord several times to have it laid....husband put a few old duvets on the part of the ceiling above our bedroom) and to have a look at a crack in our kitchen ceiling.  It's only narrow but seems to have lengthened a bit.  It'll be good to have it checked out, as I don't really want the kitchen ceiling falling on me when I'm cooking, but am not keen on the work required to repair it if necessary.  


  1. I'm really hoping the GP can sort this out; it's been going on for ages now, poor man. And ditto for the sleep programme for you.
    And thank goodness the noise has stopped.

  2. Thank goodness the work next door is finished, hope they get your bit sorted quickly and quietly

  3. Could ask for a cystoscopy to check out his bladder. Have you thought of sleeping separately, might help quite a bit.

  4. Hope you both get some help soon. Glad the noise next door is finished.

  5. I suffered with recurrent cystitis, and have a scarred kidney because of it, so your husband has my sympathy. My daughter recently had cystitis which lasted 3 weeks and took several courses of antibiotics to get rid of, and I have had the same thing happen.
    Did your GP send a sample off so that they could check which antibiotics your husband needed? Some don't bother, and just give out 'the usual one', which doesn't work on all bacteria. Sometimes an initial course of antibiotics doesn't quite kill everything off, so although you initially feel better, within a short space of time you're back to square one as the bacteria multiply again - I've had that happen with recurrent tonsillitis in my 30s (one bout took 120 tablets to get rid of it).
    I echo Dc about sleeping in separate rooms; I have spells where I move into the spare bedroom due to interrupted sleep.

  6. My consultant told me to drink pomegranate juice as that is what works best is his experience. I have a glass every morning and have had no problems in three years as opposed to nine antibiotics in five months may be worth a try.I know how it drags you down. Good luck,Jessica.


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