Friday, 14 June 2019

Sleep (lack of), and veg plants bought

Well, I 'fessed up to the sleep clinic about rule breaking....not heard from them since, perhaps they're disgusted with me 😁 

Went back to the sleep deprivation, erm restriction routine last night, so bed at midnight, up at 05.00, boy it was hard....I was having to try really hard not to nod off before midnight, and didn't want to get up at 5 this morning, but forced myself out of bed.  Strange....I'm normally up before 5 anyway, but then I did have a particularly bad night, felt like I was awake more than asleep.  This sleeping malarkey is blooming hard work!!  How most people just get in bed and sleep through the night I really don't know, I just can't seem to crack it.

We've bitten the bullet this morning and been to the garden centre to buy veg seedlings, seeing as so many of our sown seeds have either not germinated at all, or sprouted and then died off.  We spent about £25 and bought 4 pots of leeks, a tray of peas, 2 strips of French beans, a strip of baby spinach and one of golden beet, and 1 green and 1 yellow courgette (we do have a couple of courgettes that have actually grown from seed).  Oddly enough, the butternut squash and baby sweetcorn seeds husband sowed have nearly all germinated and are growing strongly, as are tomatoes and cucumbers in the polytunnel.  We won't have shallots this year, most of the ones husband planted earlier have bolted and gone to seed....not had that happen with shallots before, although some of the onions did it last year.  We're not bothering with any brassicas this year, because of the dreaded white butterfly problems, husband just can't seem to keep them out, they always get through the netting somehow (usually when the strong winds we get here blow it off).  Nor are we growing aubergines or peppers anymore, they just never seem to start ripening until right at the end of the growing season, when it's almost too late.

Now all we need is some dry weather so we can get outside and plant them all!  It keeps raining on and off today, it's 'supposed' to be better tomorrow.  However, we've been fortunate, I think, unlike some areas of the country....we've not had any flooding.

Mum's had a bit of a setback, her red blood cell count has dropped and they're keeping her in for a few more days until it goes back up again.  Poor thing, she's desperate to get home.


  1. Sounds like a possibility those sleep people know what will work and what they are doing. ;)
    Hospital is getting her to the best she can be to go home and thrive.
    Gardens are a mystery every year.

  2. The forecast looks much better here and its been sunny all afternoon - hope its better down your way so you can get out in the fresh air and plant your veg.

  3. I agree with G's p, above, don't despair honey.

    AS for the things you are not going to grow, Lidl seem to sell them at very reasonable prices and without the hassle of the pests. That reminds me that I have one of their yellow peppers and a rather large aubergine to go with it. My veg box came today - potatoes, peas, broad beans, real spinach and asparagus. The peas were so old that a couple of them had started to sprout! I have cooked them in water then in butter and mint sauce but they are very tough - not very happy about it but what can I do? xx

  4. Sorry to hear your mum still in hospital let's hope she gets home soon. Everything here growing slowly and lots of green growth with the rain but not flowers! I have known Junes like this before though way back to the seventies when I firts grew some veg. The sleep clinic don't sound like they are supporting you very much and offering much advice to your circumstances. I would be tempted to tweak their suggestion and make it 11pm or 11.30 if you are feeling sleepy at that time and see what happens.
    Have a good weekend. x


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