Tuesday, 9 July 2019

A coloured hair tribute

My aunt had fiery ginger hair when young, which matched her feisty personality perfectly.  As she got older her hair turned pure white - it didn't go grey, oh no she was having none of that.  And being the feisty, individual, strong minded woman she was, she had bright pink highlights in her 60s.  She looked fabulous.

My cousin, her daughter, also had natural ginger hair....more subdued than her mother's, more of a strawberry blonde really.  However, my cousin didn't like her hair colour (I always thought it was lovely) and rebelled against it, dyeing it dark brown - which did suit her, actually.

Cousin and I have decided to have our hair specially dyed for the funeral, as a tribute to her mother.  Cousin is going red, I'm having pink highlights in my (bottle) blonde hair. 

My hair's been coloured since I was about 14 or 15 - my natural colour is (well, was) sort of a nondescript dirty blonde, it wasn't definite enough for me, so I've had it dyed mostly light blonde ever since.  I have experimented with other colours though....I once, disastrously as it turned out, went ginger, like my aunt - unfortunately though, having a pale English Rose complexion, it didn't suit me at all, so the ginger was short lived.  I also had another disaster in my late teens when a blonde colour at a salon went horribly wrong and it turned out green.  Green is so not my colour, I've always hated it.  The salon did put it right and didn't charge me for the experience!

A few years ago I had a purple phase.....I dyed it purple for a year or so - I really loved the bright purple, it was just so me (even husband liked it).  But I didn't like the muted lilac the colour faded to after a few weeks.  

My lovely friendly neighbour is a hairdresser, so she'll do the highlights for me.  I have no idea how long my pink highlights will last - I might decide to have them indefinitely, I might not, will see how I feel.  I have short hair and have it cut around every 6 weeks, so if I decide not to keep them it's no problem.


  1. Your aunt would love that tribute! She'd be laughing, I am sure.

  2. Your Aunt would be tickled pink ....

    We had something similar for my mother-in-law's funeral, all the ladies wore something pink as that was her favourite colour.

  3. Awww what a lovely tribute Sooze.

  4. That is a wonderful idea! I remember your purple highlights, the suited you very well.

  5. I have always fancied purple hair, but never been brave enough.

  6. That is a great tribute to your Aunt on what will be a sad day. Enjoyed reading about her, she sounded quite a character. Kind regards to you and hope hubby is feeling a bit better.

  7. I just turned 70 and my hair turned red - love it.


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