Monday, 19 August 2019

Thanks and waiting for BT - again

Thanks for all the comments.  

I don't normally ask husband for his opinion on what I'm wearing, nor does he normally venture one.  I guess I was hoping for (and needed) a bit of reassurance because, although I love the dress, I did feel kind of odd wearing it simply because it's so alien to me.  I needed a bit of a confidence boost, instead of which he slaughtered it.  And to think I'd told him he looked good and scrubbed up well! 😡

I'm over it now, but admit to feeling reluctant to wear the dress again, should a 'dressing up' occasion arise.

A BT engineer is supposed to be coming this morning....I'll believe it when (if) I see one.  Even though the appointment has been arranged by the CEO's executive assistant, the fact that an engineer has supposedly been booked to come twice before, and didn't turn up either time as it turned out they hadn't actually made the booking with Openreach, I have absolutely no faith in anything they tell me anymore.  Laura (from the CEO's office) is allegedly going to ring me this afternoon.  I hope she does.

The broadband currently is the worst it's ever was off altogether for 3 or 4 periods of between 1 and 2.5 hours over the weekend, and the speed (ha!) is so ridiculously slow that it renders the internet virtually unusable.....I could go in the kitchen and make a cup of tea whilst I'm waiting for a page to load.  And trying to do any banking, eg, is impossible - by the time pages load, the bank website has logged me out.  The signal is dropping out again constantly whilst I'm typing this, so it may not even get published today.  

I left a very disgruntled message on Laura's answerphone over the weekend, indicating just how fed up we are with this.  This is the 21st century for goodness sake, it's like being in the Dark Ages.


  1. Fingers crossed here for you.

  2. I'm sure you looked lovely at the wedding, Sooze, and you will do again, should the occasion arise. I do hope BT do their stuff today, what a shambles they are! xx

  3. You're not alone with wrangling BT. I cancelled my contract with them because they messed me about so much, and am now waiting for a cheque for the credit owed to me. Watch this space - it's been promised 3 times so far.
    As for the dress. I'm sure you looked lovely in it. Men just don't seem to engage brain before deploying mouth! x

  4. I really, really hope they came this time. My fingers are very crossed.


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