Sunday, 15 September 2019

A mulling things over day

It's a lovely day and the front garden plants need pruning, but husband is going to be doing concreting, laying a new path, and he'll take up the entire garden space with all his stuff, so the pruning will have to wait till another day.

It's definitely a keep my head down and get on with cardmaking day.  I didn't sleep much at all last night and my mind is full of things that I need to review and make a decision about.


  1. My garden is taking over too. Trouble is, what you think will take about an hour of pruning usually takes all day! Enjoy the card making and the newly laid path! xx

  2. 'Stuff' is terrible at stopping sleep, isn't it? I hope you've been able to mull well and decisions are coming.

  3. I've got plants that need pruning in the front garden and had good plans for this afternoon. Instead I've been saving a wren from my cat, putting it in a box in the garage and worrying about it all afternoon!
    Hope your mulling over and decision making is going ok x

  4. Mulling things over is a sure fire way to keep sleep away. Hope you have managed to sort things out in your head.

  5. We have been pruning and more pruning - I am weeding tomorrow for a change!


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