Friday, 6 September 2019

Ooh it's dark, definitely autumnal

It was nice having a brief look around town on my own yesterday, I actually had a bit more time than I was expecting as husband's dentist was running late and he didn't get in until 30 mins after his appointment time.  Got a few extra cardmaking bits (in a charity shop, The Works and Wilkos) - I didn't spend a lot, less than £15 in total across all three shops, but got some good useful stuff.  Got all the toiletries and cleaning things I needed too, I like Wilkos for all that.

Had a very uncomfortable night, one of those nights where I've been awake more than asleep, my various aches and pains and things running through my mind keeping me awake.  Having lain there tossing and turning since about 03.00, I finally gave up and got up about 04.20.  If I feel the need, I might go up and lie on the bed this afternoon.  It's so dark in the mornings now!

I need to do some pruning and tidying up in the front garden, but don't suppose it will get done today.  The forecast for today is very changeable - cloudy, bit of sun and several showers, with gusty winds.  I'm a fair weather gardener though so will probably wait until tomorrow to do it, when it's supposed to be sunny most of the day.  Hard to believe it's Spring bulb planting time already, this year seems to have whizzed by.  Oh, that means it's also flu jab time, must remember to ring and arrange it for both of us.

Going to do a big pan of savoury mince today, to divide into double portions and freeze.  I also need to process and freeze a load more apples which have minor blemishes on them.  I had one of our Fiesta eating apples yesterday, it wasn't quite ripe, just on the cusp really - now I like sharp apples but this one was cheek-puckeringly sharp, although juicy and with good flavour.  Made my tongue tingle but I enjoyed it!


  1. Oh - flu jab. Thanks for reminding me.
    I'm sorry you've had such a bad night again. I do sympathise.

  2. I feel for you lying awake at night. Thankfully the nerve blocker I am taking just about knocks me out. As soon as I stop taking them I too will lie awake half the night

  3. Savoury mince sounds good, nice with dumplings.
    My sleep has improved a little thankfully, hope you can find time and have a little power nap in the day.

  4. What bliss to have some time in town alone. I love it when I can manage it.

  5. I was up in the night too - with aches and pains - overdid it in the garden - I should learn but never do! We have had such a lot of drizzly rain it has been hard to get out there.

  6. I am so glad that you had a good time at the shops, it is so much easier when alone.

    Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep and I hope you can catch up. I tend to nod off when reading in the afternoon...


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