Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Winding down

All the standing up in the kitchen, and then sitting down in my craft room yesterday for an hour or 2, is killing my back and hip.  I'm going to have to give in and get some codeine, the diazepam (which admittedly I'm not taking every day) and paracetamol alone just aren't touching the pain and it's getting harder to ignore, even when I'm busy.  Will just have to take the horrible gel drink stuff to combat the constipation.

Got a bit more baking to do today for the freezer and then that's it, I'm not doing any more.  I do plan on buying a lot of fresh veg on Friday and prepping/blanching it to freeze, but the prepping at least can be done sitting down at the table, and I'll get husband to help with the blanching.  He's making bread rolls today, he does most of our breadmaking now, which is a big help.

Thank you for all your comments, and my apologies for not reading and commenting on all of your blogs.  The past few days, by the time I've sat down in the armchair in the evenings, I just fall asleep - not sleeping well at all at night much right now, because of the pain.  I will get round to doing a self referral for physio soon - I hope - but really want to get husband's prostate op out of the way first, that's a priority.


  1. It is quite distracting trying to do anything when you are in pain and often we can stand for hours in the kitchen without realising it when we have to prepare for an event. Hope it all eases a bit for you. x

  2. I think you deserve to put your feet up. Put the kettle on, take some meds and relax. A short sleep in the chair is better than nothing. Your body obviously needs the rest. You might be able to get a physio to come to you. Worth a phone call. After all, your health is important too. xx

  3. Please do whatever you need to to feel a bit more comfortable. Much love to you.

  4. Take care seems you know just what to do.Good you have the tools to do what you need.

  5. So sorry about your pains. Codeine is a funny thing. For me, it has no effect whatsoever (luckily not even constipation), but hb can't have it at all without falling asleep. But it is of no use to me, because it doesn't help at all. It is fortunate, that most people can get help with it.
    You were having better nights, hopefully this will pass soon.


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