Monday, 10 February 2020

A brain bending day

I've spent the day doing a load more admin and financial stuff, sending a lot of emails and making what seems like dozens of phone calls.  One of the admin tasks involved checking and signing a form full of financial stuff that was filled in by an official body, using information supplied by me.  Good job I didn't just sign it without checking....several pieces of info were wrong, some missing altogether, one or two sections seemed to be completely made up, I can't imagine how they even arrived at the figures.  So the form has to be redone and resubmitted, annoyingly.  My head now feels like it's exploding.

We've not had much damage from Storm Ciara - well, none at all really, a few things got blown around the garden but that's it so far.  We've certainly not suffered like other parts of the country, I do feel for those whose houses and businesses are flooded or property damaged.  Betty hasn't been liking the strong's the noise she doesn't like, and she's not terribly keen on going out, unsurprisingly.  However, the last house in our little row of 4 (2 pairs of semis) has a problem - the main electricity cable has been almost disconnected and is hanging off their wall.  The tenant has been in touch with the power company who will be coming out as soon as they can (they couldn't say when).  They did say that they'll probably have to temporarily cut the power supply to all our 4 houses.  Oh well, dinner's in the oven but we do have a camping gas stove and I've just filled a flask with boiling water.  We have plenty of blankets, candles and torches and our mobiles are charged, so we'll be fine for a short while if the power does go off.  We have regular (short) power cuts here anyway, always have done, so it's nothing new.

Lack of sleep continues to be a problem, as do my stomach and bowels (I know, too much information).  I'm sure they'll settle down once all this stressful stuff is over.

Meanwhile, I'd like to go and live on a desert island with basic facilities, enough simple clean food, warmth, light and plenty of books and crafting supplies, but no technology.  A sea view would be nice.


  1. Been there with the feeling of "stop the world, I want to get off." It doesn't help when people don't do what they're supposed to do and you have to start from square one again. Hope it all sorts out quickly for you. It's no wonder your sleep, and guts are messed up. Breathe deeply, count to 10 and say, "Sod 'em all!" xx

  2. I loathe admin days they give me brain ache
    Hope you are coming to the end of it now.

    We have been so lucky damage around here apart from a neighbours fence panel being blown over and some flooding on the road into town.

    Poor Betty she must wonder what the heck is going on. It sure has been a noisy storm.


  3. I used to think a desert island was my answer too, but I now take the view, I 'll get it sorted my way, especially the paper work. I plan a day and bite the bullet.. but you have the death of your mother to cope with too, so any little thing could cause you stress, you have my sympathy.
    And I hope the single beds will help with your insomnia, it's no joke is it? Take care, its early days still. Read back about Betty's beach antics, don't dogs just put love in our hearts.

  4. When Dad died 20 months ago I can remember sitting down with lists, paperwork and the phone every day for about 3 weeks trying to sort things out for Mum. It pays to be methodical and check everything before things are settled. Much easier to change things at this stage than later. It’s tedious but strangely satisfying when everything has been done and you can draw a line under it all.
    It is still blowing a hooley here in Worcestershire. It woke me up about 4am so I got up and managed to get some ironing done. I’m back in bed for a warm before I get on with the day.
    I’d hate a desert island. Can you imagine how boring it would be after a few days? Not for me!

  5. There's so much to do following a death, no wonder your brain is aching.
    A desert island with home comforts sounds lovelu just as long as one can escape when one wants to. :-)

  6. I wish that for you too. :)Some peace and contentment ...time for you. Hugs.

  7. That desert island sounds nice. Don't forget plenty of sunscreen.


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