Wednesday, 5 February 2020

A quiet day

Thank you for comments, once again, they are appreciated very much.  It's so nice to know that people care.

I slept last night for a total of about 6 hours....marvellous.  It was in two sections, with a period of about 1.5 hours spent downstairs in the middle.  I woke with terrible palpitations - could be the anxiety (I get palpitations regularly) or maybe down to the new BP tablets I'm on, apparently palpitations are a possible side effect.  Whatever the cause, I'm used to them by now and although they wake me up, I'm not worried by them as I was at first....I know if I sit quietly and do some slow controlled breathing exercises, or have my meditation app on, they'll go away eventually.  And if it's down to the new meds, it'll be a temporary thing anyway.

I'm having a quiet relaxed day today, as it'll be a long stressful one tomorrow.  Have to go up to the Midlands (my brother is taking me) to do some family stuff relating to the aftermath of Mum's death.  It'll be an early start and I won't be home until late evening, and the hours spent up there won't be pleasant, but it has to be done.  

One thing I will be doing up there is collecting a small sample of Mum's ashes from sister, for an idea my SIL gave me.  When her mother died a couple of years ago, she planted a portion of the ashes into a pot in the garden containing a plant which was a favourite of both her and her Mum.  What a lovely idea, I'm going to do the same, I've just bought a Magnolia (variety 'Susan', appropriately enough, it's a compact one in a lovely purplish-pink colour, suitable for a pot - we had one before in a previous garden years ago).  Mum liked Magnolias too, it'll go in my front garden where I can see it every day.

So today I'm just going to potter around the house, do another batch cook of fish pies to go in the freezer (and keep one out for husband's dinner tomorrow whilst I'm up North), and possibly have a nap this afternoon.


  1. I'm so glad you slept rather better last night and what a lovely idea to remember your mum.
    All the best for tomorrow.

  2. What a lovely idea, you'll be able to see the magnolia flourishing with your Mum's help. I planted roses for my parents, and if I ever move, they're coming with me! Glad you got a good sleep. I love a "pottering" day, just pleasing yourself what you do (or not). Enjoy it! xx

  3. A quiet day is a good idea if you are going to have a stressful day tomorrow and hopefully it will give you strength to deal with it.

    I love the idea of planting your Mum's ashes with a plant she would have loved. What a lovely tribute.

  4. Glad to hear that you had a decent sleep, it makes everything so much easier to cope with. Planting some of your mums ashes is such a lovely idea. It means she will always be with you. x

  5. I hope whatever you have to do tomorrow goes more easily than you think at the moment. So many ends to tidy up after a loved ones death and it is all very stressful just when you don’t need it.
    I planted a ‘Susan’ in the garden last year. It seems to have really settled in well so I am looking forward to the beautiful flowers this summer.

  6. Good you are thinking about taking a nap anyway!
    Nice idea with the plant and your mother's ashes.

  7. A pendant or necklace can be made with some in it as well.


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