Friday, 7 February 2020

Done and dusted for the time being

Family stuff done, it wasn't too stressful....the journey there and back was more so.  I find long car journeys so tiring, both physically and mentally....sitting in a fixed position for hours makes my shoulders, back and joints hurt, and the amount of traffic, particularly on motorways, makes me anxious.  And I'm not even the driver!  How brother does it so often (he's had to go up to the Midlands nearly every week, and that's from Cornwall) I don't know.  It's not over by a long shot, it will be going on for a few months to come yet, so we'll need to make more trips up there in the coming weeks.

I slept pretty well last night - sheer exhaustion I think.  Didn't get out of bed, only woke a few times and managed to get back to sleep within a few minutes.  It helped that husband chose to sleep in the spare room last night, so he didn't disturb me, bless him, so I had the bed to myself without him fidgeting around or kicking me in the shins.

On the subject of beds - our twin beds in the spare room are pine slatted ones.  Both husband and I have slept in there several times, when one or the other of us wanted a chance to have a peaceful night's sleep, or one of us was unwell, the beds are perfectly comfortable.  They're good sturdy beds and have decent mattresses.  I like pine beds, I love wood furniture, our lovely double is antique pine and very sturdy.  So if we do get single beds for our room, they will be heavy duty solid pine ones.

Despite my good night's sleep I feel totally worn out today, so won't be doing much.  Having said that, I do need to go to the town for a couple of things.

A friend told me yesterday about a Tai Chi class in the village, it's for over-55s and is run by AgeUk (so no skinny lithe young things jumping about and showing how bendy they are).  I want to do something, some sort of gentle exercise....I did enjoy the yoga I'd started doing a couple of years ago, except for the fact that most of the positions were done on the floor - getting down on the floor wasn't too bad, it was getting up again that was the problem.  I'd rather have just laid there and gone to sleep!  Tai Chi with its gentle controlled movements done whilst standing up, or so I understand, sounds much better.  Even husband has expressed an interest.  Can't go next week, as the class time coincides with a dentist appointment I have (boohoo, I know which I'd rather do), but hopefully will start the following week.

The new meds for high BP I started on Monday have given me horrendous side effects which I'm not prepared to put up with (added stress I can do without), so am not taking them anymore and will need to have a word with Nurse Rose.


  1. Tai Chi sounds like a good idea. It should help ease your joint pain and hopefully help you sleep better. They should be able to change your BP meds so you don't get any side effects. I think it's often a case of trial and error with drugs. Hope the family stuff gets easier for you as it sorts out. Wishing you a restful day. xx

  2. Please get your BP meds sorted asap. My brother in law stopped his meds without consultation and had a massive stroke and unfortunately died from it.

  3. My friend is having BP problems because she was taken off some BP medication that is now known to cause skin cancer. Since then they have not been able to stablise it very well. They sound like they have horrible side effects so I hope you find something that suits you better.
    I like the idea of Tai Chi too - I look forward to hearing how you get along.

  4. I can highly recommend Tai Chi, and, yes, it is all done standing up. It is a very gentle yet effective way to exercise, and it also really helps with de-stressing. I've been doing Taoist Tai Chi for many years and even managed to do it before I had a hip replacement (though it's much easier since I've had it done). Taosist Tai Chi is also known as 'moving meditation'. Hope you give it a go and that you get some benefit from the class.

  5. Can I just reassure everyone....I am already on BP meds, have been on one for years and last year was given a second one primarily for anxiety. The first is an ace-inhibitor, the second a beta blocker, the one this week is a calcium channel blocker. I will be speaking to my nurse today, I'm not daft to simply do nothing.

  6. Good luck. I can relate to the meds.

  7. I would LOVE to do Tai Chi, Sooze, the idea of exercising whilst standing up sounds like something I could cope I'm looking for a local class here but haven't had any luck yet. Good luck with the meds x

  8. Hope you have a good good week. Feel better.


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