Saturday, 22 February 2020

Saying No

Thank you all so much for the lovely, kind and encouraging comments on my last few posts, and the emails I've received....special thanks to Catherine and TA (you both know why!).

One or two things have settled down a bit in the last day or so, which means I'm less stressed.  I've also been a bit selective over the last week or so, saying No to some things I really didn't want to do, for one reason or another.  Eg, an invitation to go with friends to a function at a nearby village hall - I'm really not that interested, it's a themed dress up night with dinner and entertainment, just not in the mood for that.  Besides which, the villagers from that particular village are so cliquey and up themselves, they're never particularly friendly to those like us who don't actually live in their village.

Husband wanted to invite a couple of friends round for dinner - neighbours who we're friendly with, but have never had round before.  And I know one of them is a bit of a finicky eater - into all sorts of ultra healthy stuff.  So I said No to that as well....unless husband was willing to plan the menu, shop for it and cook - he wasn't.

I have a dentist appointment on Monday, it's only a check up, but bearing in mind I had a dental phobia for years and still have to psych myself up to go, I hate going.  So I've put it off.  I don't have any problems with my teeth right now....well, not that I'm aware can do without that stress for the time being.

On the other hand, I've done something that I've been thinking about for a while now.....dyed my hair a different shade.  My natural hair colour is what I'd call dirty blonde....well, it was, it's coming through mostly grey now.  I've coloured it a light honey blonde ever since I was about 14, I've nearly always done it myself.  I've usually used blonde, although had an occasional foray into other colours....copper, brunette (neither of those suited me and didn't last long).  I did it purple for about a year - loved that but not the washed out lilac it faded to after a few weeks.  I've also had electric blue and bright pink highlights, loved them as well.  The last year or so I've found the blonde colour (I usually use the same colour and brand) doesn't effectively cover all the grey.  So I'd been thinking why fight the grey, why not go with it?  Not that I want it just plain ordinary grey - that just wouldn't be me.  I do like the very light and bright silver blondes that a lot of people seem to have nowadays - think Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis, and now Sharon Osbourne.  So I went for it today.  Except the colour hasn't come out the shade that I really wanted, it's more clotted cream than silver....

But it's ok, for now - it's covered all the grey and is certainly bright (it's actually a bit more creamy looking than in the photo).  Reminds me of Debbie Harry in the 80s.  I'll have a look for a different shade next hairdresser friend has told me what to choose.


  1. Glad you're feeling a bit less stressed. It's great to put yourself first and say no to things that you know you won't enjoy. I find it hard to say no, must be a 50's girl thing! The new hair colour looks good, and more importantly, obviously makes you feel good too. xx

  2. Who can't do with a new hairdo "color" or shape. This one will be easy to color to what you want. And it is a nice shade till then.
    I haven't seen Sharon's yet grey, use to her reddish she was. So will pop around the interwebs to look that up.

  3. It's lovely! A really beautiful colour.
    And well done for saying 'no'. You've done more than your share of 'yes'.

  4. A new hairdo/colour always perks me up. My appointment is on Thursday and I can’t wait as it always feels difficult to style in the week before it is done. Do you find you need to alter your makeup after a hair colour change? When I went darker it made me look washed out so needed to use a bit more blusher and stronger lipstick. I don’t use much at all every day as a rule.
    Cutting out stress by turning down things you don’t feel like doing might be a good idea at the moment. Sometimes though it is possible that you may be missing an event which will take you out of yourself and be enjoyable. A fine balance.
    I’m glad things are easing up slightly.

  5. Good on you for saying no to a few things, Sooze! It’s good to put yourself first and it’s something we’re not very good at doing.

    Glad you’re treating yourself to some pampering too :) xx

  6. Ooh, it is lovely! You could get some of those 'mascara wands' that put streaks into your hair, that would be fab!

    Last year I told D that I would no longer spend time with two of his friends. They had made me miserable for years though I did my best to be friendly, then I suddenly had enough and said NO I am not going to have dinner with them ever again. He was a little upset but has now seen reason...


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