Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Silent screaming

Sue of A Smaller and Simpler Life has said today she feels like a sponge, absorbing other people's problems and information, whether she wants to or not.  She must feel saturated.

I've had to absorb so much information lately that my head feels like it cannot take so much as a dot-sized pencil mark more, or it will explode.

But my main thing is that I feel like I am screaming, have been for weeks now, but nobody can hear me....or at least, they're not listening.  It's like I'm talking in a foreign language, nobody seems to understand a word I've been saying.  Or they just don't care.  I'm not talking about you blog readers.


  1. You've had such a lot on your plate for a long time now, Sooze. It's no wonder you feel like screaming! If it helps to do so, you can rant and rage here on your blog - we don't mind. I just wish I could take some of your burden from you. xx

  2. Just sometimes you have to put yourself first. Whatever your are trying to do sounds too much at present. If you must continue with it can someone else help or can you do a bit of it at a time? Chipping away at a problem bit by bit is sometimes more manageable. Can you share this problem with a close friend?
    Take a few hours off if you can to destress (not sure that is a word!). Go for a walk, listen to music, anything that takes you out of yourself just for a short time.

  3. Much love. You're going through a very hard time so no wonder. I'm glad you can do a bit of it in here anyway.


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