Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Things that irritate

I thought I'd do a post listing all the minor things I find never know, seeing them written down might cure the irritation!  In the interests of being fair and balanced, tomorrow I'll do a list of things that bring me joy. 😁

1.   Getting a carton of milk out of the fridge, to find that somebody - naming no names but it isn't me - has left just a teaspoonful in it.  Same with just 2 sheets of paper left on the toilet roll.  

2.  Being given a load of copper in my change.....pennies are virtually useless and they weigh my purse down.  And what's with charging 99p (or 2.99, or 16.99, whatever) for everything?  Just call it what it is and round it up for goodness sake!  There'd be no need for the pennies then.

3.  Tin openers that work for about a week, then give up the ghost.  Same goes for salt and pepper grinders.  Lost count of the number of them we've bought.

4.  Endless repeats of programmes on TV, especially things that don't interest me in the slightest (like Top Gear) but husband would happily watch over and over.  And only repeats of films that we've all seen dozens of times on TV on Saturday nights.....they clearly think everyone goes out on a Saturday night so no point in putting anything new or decent on.

5.  Shrink wrap plastic on vegetables, and thick plastic encasing things like batteries or toothbrushes - almost impossible to get off without cutting yourself.

6.  People who don't answer texts or emails.  I get that people are busy, but to never answer at all is just plain rude (Yes I'm talking about you, M!!!).

7.  When you have to phone a company, only to be confronted with about 6 or 8 different "Press 1 (2/3/6 by which time I've forgotten the first one) for ….." options.....and then, to add insult to injury, being left on hold with terrible tinny musak for ages before an actual human answers.

8.  Delivery men who don't shut our front gate, and those who constantly try to deliver parcels to us which aren't for us at all, but for our neighbours two doors down who they've just driven past to get to us!

9.  Neighbours who don't take their rubbish bins in for several days after the dustmen have been, thus leaving their bins blocking up our driveway, especially when the wind keeps blowing them over.

10.  Cracking eggs into a bowl and a bit of shell falling in, which you then have to chase around the bowl trying to get out.

What irritates you?


  1. I have separate toothpaste from my husband because his habit of squeezing the middle of the tube irritated me so much! I’ve just asked my husband what irritates me and he said “just about everything, I would say” That is probably about right.

  2. With you on all of them. Can I add, people who poop scoop, then leave the bag on the pavement/over someone's garden wall/in a tree! And being called "Guys" by workers in cafes. I'm not a guy. I'd rather be called Love than Guy, but that's very non-PC nowadays. Oh, dear, you've got me started now, Sooze! xx

  3. I laughed over the above and definitely relate to some of them. Not the ones that rely on sharing my home with someoene else though, because I don't. There are definitely some advantages to solo living.
    To thet, I would add people (such as dentist and GP surgery) who try to contact me by phone, even thought they know and have it on record not to but to use email or text. That really gets up my nose, especially when I then get a snotty letter talling me I need to update the information they hold on me. OK, so I always get an apology, but that's not the point!

  4. Delivery men who pound on the front door scaring the life out of me when we have a perfectly good doorbell.

  5. Cups and dishes left on the worktop above the dishwasher!, with you on number 4, lucky hubby does not watch repeats, we often turn the TV off in the evenings and I can't stand daytime viewing. On my PC, when you look for something and then I'm bombarded with adds for similar products, but so much gets me going when online.
    BUT I do love all the lovely bloggers in my circle.

  6. My main irritation is holding a door open for people in shops, etc, who don't even bother to say thank you. It really infuriates me.
    If it happens to my husband he says loudly "you're welcome" in a sarcastic tone. Also if the supermarket aisles are busy and you hang back with your trolley to let someone through without even a smile of acknowledgement. Just rude!

  7. Was on hold 30 minutes. Ludicrous!

  8. Yes to so many of these. A trick to help with the last one, if she'll drops in the egg wet a finger for some reason the piece of shell sticks to your finger and cones out easily.

  9. You can use another piece of the shell to lift it out works every time.

  10. I am so pleased to live alone but when it comes to holidays...

  11. With you on all those Sooze although copper and silver coins are saved in a big tin for the grandchildren and I do use the trick of taking another piece of shell to pick out any that gets into the bowl.

    Top of my list is navigating stock trollies in the supermarket. Whatever time of day I go there are trollies in nearly every aisle. Our T***o is the biggest culprit for this.

  12. My neighbour puts their wheelie bin out on the pavement at the front of their property on a Friday for a Wednesday collection. Blocking the way for mothers with buggies and elderly people with mobility scooters and walkers. Makes the place look untidy too. Why can't they put it inside their gate, they have a front garden, and move it out the night before.

  13. Definitely no. 5! Also people not saying please and thank you, especially when holding doors open.


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