Friday 28 February 2020

Things that make me joyful

As an antidote to yesterday's 'irritated' post, here's a list of things that fill me with joy.

1.  A £3 bunch of spray carnations from the supermarket that last for 3 or 4 weeks and make me smile every time I come into the room.

2.  My dog snuggling up to me on the sofa, resting her head on my thigh and looking up at me....makes my heart melt.

3.  Taking her to the beach and watching her race around chasing bits of seaweed, digging holes in the sand and throwing herself down on her back and rolling around in sheer unadulterated joy.

4.  Husband doing the hoovering without being asked, because he knows how much it hurts my back and hip.

5.  Seeing Spring bulbs flowering, yellow primroses in the roadside grass verges and blossom coming out on the flowering cherries.

6.  The smell of homegrown carrots and tomatoes in the summer.

7.  The first night in bed when you've just changed the bedding - love fresh clean, preferably line dried, bedding.

8.  Finding a really well fitting, comfortable bra!

9.  The photo of Mum I have as my screen saver - makes me smile every morning, although it's tinged with sadness.

10.  Hearing the birds singing the dawn chorus - makes it worthwhile waking up early every day.

11.  Any programme on TV that makes me laugh out loud.  Not many of those.

12.  A visit from my best friend - sadly a rarity nowadays, due to a busy life.

(ooh, there's more joyful things than irritated ones - that's good).

What makes you joyful?


  1. All sorts of things.
    I love yours; they're so natural and everyday and that's the way it should be. 'Things' don't bring real joy.

  2. The first day when I can hang washing outside. Being so proud of my grown-up children. Nature in all its forms (although maybe not slugs and snails!). Being with my best friend/soul mate/husband every day. The list goes on. Thanks for making us reflect on the things that bring us joy, while the news is all doom and gloom. xx

  3. Getting up in the morning knowing that I have one more day, and planning what I am going to do with it. A full 24 hours to myself.

  4. Mine are much the same as yours, just change cat for dog, plus, my drawers of cross stitching silks, so many colours and shades, they look like sunshine, always brings a smile to my face. Of course my grandsons, we have 7 and they are all wonderful.

  5. We are obviously similar in our thoughts, all these things are things that make me happy too. I wish I could get me kids to think the same way, all they think about is material gain.

  6. Line dried bedding has got be at the top of the list alongside the joy of family.

  7. All of the above (we may not have Smudge any longer but he did bring us such joy) and hugs and kisses from my granddaughters.

  8. Having the family round and a walk in the country or by the sea in Spring. Comfortable bra made me lol. A professional fitting was the best thing I ever did and will do again if I lose/gain weight!

  9. Definitely no. 6 & 7! Sitting on a beach, watching the waves crashing in (in the summer or winter), watching the sun setting anywhere ( but particularly at the beach), seeing the patchwork of fields on my drive to the Blue Cross each week, having cuddles with our cat or daughter’s dog, pegging out washing on the line.


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