Sunday, 15 March 2020

The 'C' word

Thank you for comments, I am glad that one of our major problems has now been sorted out.  But then there's the new big problem that's affecting all of us, wherever we are....

Funny how the dreaded 'C' word is no longer Christmas!  I was thinking about it this morning in the shower....thinking how actually impossible it would be to avoid all contact with the virus.  The government are apparently now saying that everyone over the age of 70 should self isolate for 4 months.  4 months!!  (Husband is 69, so he escapes that by the skin of his teeth).   How on earth could anyone really do that for 4 months?  I don't see how it would be possible - people visit, postmen and delivery people come to your door, engineers and workmen need to come in, dogs need walking, we have GP and hospital appointments and medications to collect.  And that's just off the top of my head.

What about shopping?  If we couldn't physically go to the shops, then we'd have to have everything delivered.  But if you believe everything you see in the media, then half our shopping might not even arrive, the shops might be out of stock.  And then the delivery people are allegedly supposed to just leave it all on your doorstep.

Therein lies another problem....literally everything we buy, be it food, toiletries, clothes & shoes, equipment, etc etc.....has been touched by countless people, in the manufacturing process, in the shops and warehouses.  Ok, so lots of manufacturing processes nowadays are automated and done by robots, but humans still touch things as well, somewhere along the line.  So how do you(we) avoid picking up infection via something that someone else has touched?  What about our phones, keys, vehicles?  Doors, handrails, gates?  Money - coins and notes are notoriously filthy and germ (and cocaine!) ridden anyhow.  Cash machines when we get cash out, and card machines when we pay by card, unless it's a contactless one.  It is literally impossible to avoid touching everything, or to sterilise everything.

Worrying about all that though is the way to madness.  All we can do is to carry on being sensible, avoiding crowds, not having close contact with people, especially if they're not family or friends.  They themselves might not be infected, but how do any of us know if we've come into contact with someone who has themselves been in contact with an infected person without even knowing it?  Just being sensible is all, don't cough or sneeze on anyone (and hope they don't do it to us) and wash, wash, wash our hands.  

The one thing I try to cling onto is that many, many more people are surviving and recovering from being infected, than are dying.  This is a new illness (although there have been several other previous types of Coronavirus....SARS being the most well known) which is evolving all the time, none of us yet know what the eventual outcomes will be.

Right, that's enough doom and gloom, it's raining (for a change) this morning but apparently will be clearing up this afternoon.  And tomorrow is forecast to be dry and sunny....all day!  Will be going to the beach tomorrow, Betty will love it, we'll take lunch and a flask of coffee and some treats and water for Betty.

Stay safe everyone x


  1. You covered my thoughts there as well. I want to see my granddaughter but aren't allowed to at the moment. At this rate, she will be six months old before we see her again. We have a holiday booked with them in the Lake District in May, who knows if that will take place:(

  2. It's a very difficult situation indeed, isn't it?

  3. Worried sick for my Dad who is 87 with an underlying lung condition. He lives alone and I am the closest daughter geographically to him,of his 4 daughters, but I live in Wilts, he in Dorset - a 2 hour drive for me. He is not on-line so I am sorting possible food delivery options should self isolation become a reality. He drives and is fully self-caring, thank goodness - those poor folk who are not and rely on carers.

  4. As you say, we can't avoid touching some things, so all we can do is be sensible. I just hope this virus burns itself out quickly, but I fear it's going to be a long haul. Anyway, you should be safe on the beach, and a picnic lunch sounds lovely. xx

  5. Chin up..carry on
    Warm weather might just kill it.


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