Wednesday 1 July 2020

In the doghouse

I forgot it was my friend's birthday yesterday and didn't ring or text them.  I had already made and sent a card - another mistake, I sent it a week too early - I didn't get the date of their birthday wrong, I knew it was the 30th, I just got the date wrong on the day I sent it, I looked at the wrong date on the calendar.  If you see what I mean.  I'm confusing myself.

I've made several mistakes recently, more than the usual 'blonde' stuff.  I can only put it down to having a lot on my mind and not sleeping at all well.  Or it's rapid onset dementia!  Which my mum had.  It's her birthday this month, another thing on my mind.  There have been several days lately when grief has smacked me in the face and I've sat and cried.  


  1. I understand - those days can be a real blow, can't they? I miss my mum too.

    Lockdown hasn't helped with knowing what day it is, I think. Having a lot on your mind can be very confusing.

    Sending love

  2. I think many of us have been there. Grief never really goes away and can just hit you out of the blue. Sometimes all you can do is cry until you can't cry any more. Sending a big hug your way. Be kind to yourself. xxx

  3. Sorry you have got your friends birthday wrong but don't worry I always send card early just in case they can wait for the right day. My Mum had Alzheimer's/Dementia for a couple of years before she died and the Doctor told us it is not passed on to us. Try and get your into self a hobby and that can help yourself to think about something else, I know it's not easy especially at the moment when everything is going wrong but you have your Husband and Betty you can get out and it will get easier. Take care. Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  4. I think a lot of us are muddled, one day merges into another, our routines have been upset and there is the constant drip drip news and worries about second waves etc. etc.

    Postage is quite erratic too so you had the foresight to post early.

    Grief will emerge when it needs to and it creeps up unexpectedly and I found there is no point in trying to suppress it.

    Big hugs xx

    1. Wise words, Annabeth. I'll second all that. X

  5. They are strange times at the moment so don't be too hard on yourselve Sooze and better a card too early than too late. My aunt has dementia - we can still hold a conversation with her although she repeats certain things, a lot, but when it was my brother's birthday last September she sent him eight each very different birthday cards throughout September and October - the funny thing is she didn't normally send him one! So I don't think that getting the days mixed up is such a real sign that you have any kind of dementia starting. My mum has reached 94 and has always been what you might term scatty (if I get my card on time I am lucky) but it has not led to dementia yet. At the moment I never know what day it is - but at the moment I don't particularly need to know either!
    Have a good cry as often as it comes over you - there is nothing wrong in grieving. Take care xx

  6. Oh gosh poor you. Be kind to yourself, when grief hits it's hard, give in to the tears and take it slowly.

    The beauty of Facebook is that it tells you when it's someone's birthday, on the day so even if you HAVE sent a card you can still wish them happy birthday again, and if you haven't you can make an even bigger fuss of them on Facebook ... does it sound like I'm talking from experience ;-)

    Lack of sleep and not drinking enough water can both bring on memory problems, so it's probably just one of these, try not to worry.

  7. Nothing is normal right now with everything in the world is akimbo.
    I have tried to keep a bit of routine to make a little sense out of the world and ignore any news on the tv or radio. Found some older funny tv series to watch and ignore what is going on now.
    A good friend will forgive anything and you should forgive yourself. There is a lot of confusion going around. Hugs bunny.

  8. I was crying today whilst walking my dogs and it's been 2 years since my dog passed.I then lost one dogs lead which I searched for and that upset me and later at the exit to the supermarket which I hadn't been to for over 4 weeks a man leaned towards me and coughed which shocked me and I rushed away scared and knew he had done it deliberately-I had sunglasses on and a homemade mask.Even back home dogs next door won't stop barking-Things are overwhelming me just now x

    1. Oh, Flis. How horrid for you. Please remember, this isn't forever. Things will get better. xx


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