Friday, 14 August 2020


One of the things the very nice consultant said the other day really resonated with me.  He said the single biggest thing I could do to help with virtually all my health problems would be to lose a considerable amount of weight, and to start by losing as much as I can before my op.  I know he's right.  

As a matter of fact, I have actually been dieting for the last few weeks, with fellow blogger Joy's help and support.  Joy is the perfect role model, as she's successfully lost so much weight and has done it systematically and with an enormous amount of planning and sheer determination.  I put on a few pounds at the start of lockdown, but realised I couldn't go on doing that, so by taking advice from Joy, planning and loosely following a mixture of Slimming World and Pinch of Nom recipes, I have so far lost around 10 lbs.  Even the consultant was impressed and said it was an excellent start.

However, the weight loss has stalled a bit the last week or two - I haven't put any back on but nor have I lost any more.  So I've decided to cut right back on carbs for a while, eat more veg and be very mindful of portion sizes.  I've also ordered an exercise bike, which will be delivered early next week - walking any great distance isn't really an option due to the excruciating hip pain, something I hope will be eased by losing weight.  An exercise bike seems a good solution, I shall have it in the lounge so it's staring me in the face all the time, rather than up on the landing or in the spare bedroom like the last one was, meaning it rarely got used and we got rid of it in the end (the computer thingy on it had long since stopped working anyway).

I'm feeling very determined at the moment, hopefully that will last!


  1. Good luck with the weight loss. Unfortunately it has to be a marathon and not a sprint. It is good that you have a buddy to share your successes and to encourage you at the difficult times. Keep that carrot of better health in sight.

  2. Well done for loosing 10 pounds, I'm on the same journey as you and can understand the hard work required to lose weight. I have stalled as well, but like you I've not put any back on, I've lost 20 pounds so far and have another 10 to lose. Portion size is our biggest issue.

    1. I lost 25 kg (? pounds) simply by reducing portion
      sizes by a third. For me at least that worked in a
      way that calorie counting or weird unsustainable
      diets wouldn't have. I've always eaten very
      healthily just too much (and a little too much
      good wine lol!). I've kept it off since 2016 and,
      honestly, I feel so much better. Your doctor is
      right - it will make a tremendous difference to
      all your health problems. Good luck!

  3. I lost almost 6 stones (by going to Slimming World) before I had a hip replacement last year. I found that the pain in my hip was hugely improved even before I had the op once I'd lost a bit of weight. Well done on losing 10lbs already and good luck with the exercise bike.

  4. Well done for losing 10lbs. It's not easy losing weight 'cos we've got to eat! Having the exercise bike in the lounge is a good idea. Put a film on and pedal away! xx

  5. Ten pounds is brilliant, Sooze, you are doing so very well. This hot weather hasn't helped, I think. I know I 'swell up' a bit when it is really hot and I bet I'm not the only one.
    I agree that portion size and being pretty selective about which carbs you choose to eat is a good way to go but I would also say that aiming for a 'rest of my life' approach is the ideal really. Changing habits takes time but you are already doing it and I know you can continue.
    I'm cheering you all the way!

  6. Well done on losing 10 lbs already Sooze. I'm sure the bike will help. I find that I've been so unfit since lockdown but there's still no incentive for me to go walking anywhere other than the park where it costs £2 to park each time first. It's simply too far to walk to. Do let us know how you get on with the bike x

  7. Snooze, my so far lovely recipes come from this American site

  8. Well done on your weight loss already, Sooze! The Pinch of Nom books are fab, we use them quite a bit. Riding the exercise bike and watching a film sounds great!

  9. Hellooooo ! 10lb loss s already amazing and something like 100lbs pressure off your knees x

  10. Well done Sooze. That's a great start. Joy is such an inspiration isn't she. I have started adding more protein to my meals in the form of red lentils. I have cut back on carbs but still feel nicely full and am starting to notice a nice change in my body shape even though the weight is still hanging around the 10st 10lb mark. I want to lose about a stone then I will be happy to hover under the ten stone mark.


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