Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Please rain!!

It's far too hot and humid today, I wish we'd get one of the threatened thunderstorms, the weathermen (sorry, people, have to be politically correct) keep promising them but nothing happens.  Although I gather there have been some in other parts of the country.  If it did rain I think I'd go and stand out in it, just to cool down.

I have my hospital appointment tomorrow morning.  They rang this morning, I thought oh no, please don't say you're cancelling it...fortunately they weren't.  It was to tell me to ring when I get there, then wait outside in the car park until they ring me to give me permission to go in.  Bloody Covid, it's affecting so much.  I hope it's not going to be this hot tomorrow, I won't fancy being kept waiting outside (or in a boiling hot car) if it is.

Blogger changed me over to the new one this morning, I promptly changed it back to the legacy one.  I didn't ask to be changed and I'm not having someone else decide what's best for me.  If they eventually do away with the old one, well I suppose I'll have to get used to it.  Or else change to another blogging system!  I get a bit fed up with 'people' deciding what I can or can't do.

Betty is lying right in front of the electric fan, she's practically got her nose touching it.  I feel like joining her.


  1. We had a thunderstorm last night. I woke to lightning flashes about 2am, but it's still hot today, so it didn't cool anything down. Hope your appointment goes well, and you get some answers. Yes, Covid has certainly buggered things up, and looks like it will do for some time. At least we can now get hospital appointments I suppose! xx

  2. No hospital for me or the DP as yet. I too am praying for the storm promised and certainly feel its ready - so humid. Hope goes well for you.

  3. It's sweltering, isn't it? Right now, early morning, it is cool and fresh and I have all the doors and windows open wide but that won't last long. I even opened the attic door yesterday so that the hot air had somewhere higher to go than my bedroom!
    We are predicted storms all day tomorrow - fingers crossed.

  4. I think the thunderstorms have forgotten about us in the south west, Sooze! I think I must look like a piece of lettuce just come of the oven,
    Hope your hospital appt went ok........and get some rain tonight x

  5. Thankfully it's cooled down here a lot. The drizzling rain is giving everything a thorough but gentle drink and it is saving me the job of watering today.


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