Monday, 29 March 2021

Doing things that help me to smile

 Thank you so much for the comments and emails, they really help.  It's lovely to have friends who care, even if I've never met you.

I can't really explain how I'm feeling at the moment....well, I could, but it would take too long and I don't really want to.  I'm just finding life really hard right now, will leave it at that.

I've been watching quite a few youtube videos of flower drawing and done some practise pieces.  Learning how to do shading and detailing, it's absorbing and enjoyable and passes the time.  

I bought a new lamp for my bedroom, I like the lamp but it has a plain white shade which I don't like.  Husband said why don't you decorate it?  So I did.....

I've since gone over the drawings with felt pens, the pencil colours didn't show up much once the light was on, the stronger colours of the felt pens show up better.  I've also added some grass along the bottom of the shade.  Will  have to take another pic.

Today is the day some restrictions are lifted here in England, the Stay at Home rule has been changed to Stay Local.  I don't know exactly what 'local' means, but I'm taking it to mean we can go a bit further afield....not miles and miles though, still can't go and visit family.  But it means we can get out and about now, rather than just for essential shopping.  6 people or 2 households can also meet in gardens now, which will be lovely, it's been one of the things I've missed the most.  Today we're off to my lovely beach with a picnic - I just hope everyone else doesn't have the same idea, Betty really doesn't like crowds (nor do I).  Sunshine and warm temperatures are forecast for the next few days, so looking forward to actually going places.

This gorgeous dog always makes me smile, even when I don't think I have a smile in me.


  1. Your lamp shade is looking gorgeous, and no-one else will have one the same! It's great that things are easing up now, but I just hope people don't go silly. The numbers are looking encouraging, though, so maybe we really are on the road out of it.๐Ÿคž I hope some time at the beach helps you feel more "normal". Hope the sun stays out and the crowds stay away! xx

  2. I love your lampshade, you have made it special, wish I was talented but my drawing skills are still like a four year old childs!! Do get to the beach while you can weather forecast for Easter is cold again. Love your Betty give her a cuddle from me. stay safe. Val

  3. I wish I was as enthusiastic as happy hooker about getting out of this 'so called pandemic' I fear they will give us a little taste of freedom and then bang us up again. I have no faith at the moment in any of them.
    Your flowers are uplifting to look at and can only get better with practice. Makes me want to have a go.

  4. Your lamp shade is very pretty it is so nicely done.
    Hope you have a nice time at the beach, unfortunately the children have broke up for the Easter holidays so hope it's not to busy.
    Hazel c uk ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ

  5. Your lampshade is just lovely, what a great idea! I think I may look at a couple of how to draw videos, it's something I'd love to improve.

  6. I love how you have decorated the lamp shade. The lavender looks very realistic. I bet every beach in Britain will be crowded today if the weather is as good as the forecast.

  7. The lampshade is lovely, gosh you are so much more artistic than me!!

    I'm debating driving to my Mum's if she wants me to visit as we could sit in the communal gardens and have a chat, but it's very weather dependant as she couldn't sit out for too long and it's an hours drive each way ... but it would be totally worth it though to see her again.


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