Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Busy busy

 I've got loads to do today, so there's really no excuse for me to be sitting here typing a blog post!  Except that I'm having a coffee and a break, having already done 2 loads of washing (one was done overnight) and got it all out on the line.  And been to 2 shops - the supermarket for a few bits and B&M for some more oddments for the caravan.  And replied to an email from the electrician re their engineer leaving the immersion heater switched on.  They admitted it was their mistake, said he'd been spoken to (he also admitted he'd done it) and have asked us to send them a copy of our next bill, so that's all good by the sound of things.  I've also written more lists of things we need to take to the van, and a job list of the next items on the agenda for the next few days we're staying there.  I've got the rest of the van lounge and diner curtains to take up - I'm not using the spray glue anymore, it does do the job very quickly, but me and everything else gets covered in sticky glue and it leaves the curtain hems quite stiff.  So i'm caving in and sewing them instead, I have 5 more pairs to do, having done 2 pairs with the glue.....I'll get them all cut and the hems pinned and sew as many as I can this afternoon, whatever I don't get round to sewing I'll take to the van tomorrow and finish them off there.

I'm glad my dentist appointment for this morning was cancelled, having a tooth out and more of the dreaded gum disease treatment would have meant I wouldn't feel like doing much.  Although they give me umpteen anaesthetic jabs (I'm a coward when it comes to mouth pain), so I don't feel anything whilst they're doing the job, once the anaesthetic wears off my mouth is very painful for a few days.  Also, the effects of the anaesthetic seem to last ages on me, the last time part of my upper lip and the left side of my nose were numb for a couple of days afterwards, a very strange sensation.

Husband is cutting the front hedge, the persistent rain we had last week (and being away for a few days) has meant it's grown so much the postman has to almost hack his way through!  And the back half of the back garden is turning into a tropical rainforest and, guess what, husband's strimmer has temporarily packed up 😒.  Well, he'll have to go the oldfashioned way and use shears then, haha.


  1. I'm pleased the electricians have accepted it was their mistake. Let's hope they come up with some cash once the bill arrives. What a shame the glue is too messy. Still, at least when you're at the van you can sit and do a bit at a time. My garden has shot up with all the rain, too. I keep looking at all the stuff that needs cutting back, then think - Nah! Mine is a wildlife garden - Haha! Mind you, it'll soon be a jungle and I'll need a machete. xx

  2. I guess you could look at it like this...saving money, time and fuel on whacking and better for the oxygen output for the planet.
    No worries about getting it done. Have a stress free life and don't worry about any of it. :) heeeeee

  3. I'm really glad they are accepting responsibility. The last thing you want is a fuss about that.

    Know what you mean about the garden - it seems you just blink and everything grows six inches.


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