Wednesday, 4 August 2021

An early morning unwanted visitor

 Have you noticed it's cooler overnight now, especially in the early hours of the morning?  For the last couple of mornings here in the caravan, I've had to put my dressing gown on when I've got up, there's been a distinct nip in the air - I like to open the van door and step outside into the garden and have a look round first thing.  Well, last night I kept feeling a draught, but was too cosy and tired to get up and see where it was coming from.  I have my bedroom door open overnight, it's a small room and would be claustrophobic with the door shut, besides which Betty likes to roam around during the night.

Anyway, this morning when I got up at 06.00, I noticed a black blob on my bedside chest....I put the light on and it was a dreaded 8-legged thing, one of those you usually see outside, with a big fat body and short hairy legs.  I got husband up immediately to dispose of it, which he does without question, bless him.  I went to open the van door, which is directly opposite my bedroom, so he could chuck the offending dead body out....only to find that the door, behind the curtain, was already open - not just unlocked, but open an inch.  So that's where the draught was coming from...and no doubt where my unwanted visitor got in too. 😳😒

Not the best start to the day! 


  1. Not a nice way to start the day! At least you'll remember to check the door is locked now.😃 xx

  2. It happens to the best of us, and leaving a light on all night. At least you were in the van, I once went for an afternoon in the village, when I got home I went to open the patio door, it was already open wide, Opps comes to mind.

  3. We have gone to the shop only to come home and find the keys still in the outside lock. Really not looking forward to the big spiders, hate them though fine with others.

  4. I found a MAHOOSIVE spider in the waste paper basket in our spare room this morning. It obviously fell in and couldn't climb up the smooth sides, thank goodness. OH put it at the bottom of the garden. Ewwwww.

  5. Yep, nothing wakes someone up faster than finding a hairy 8 legged visitor. Harvey has been forgetting to lock up lately and when I wake for my bathroom visit in the middle of the night I have been busy locking doors.

    God bless.

  6. < shudder >
    Yes, it's definitely cooler at the moment. I prefer it to the hot nights where it is so difficult to sleep properly.


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