Thursday, 4 November 2021

Another step forward, and Christmas cards

Thank you for the lovely comments, it's so nice to have the pain that I seem to have lived with for months and months, but worse in the past few weeks, now easing up.  It would be nice if the stiffness went as well, and my balance is still not good due to weakness in my legs and hips so I'm always wary of falling over, but less pain is brilliant.

I had a letter yesterday asking me to book an appointment with the Orthopaedic Assessment Service - Dr Joe said he'd refer me to them but didn't know whether they'd accept me - apparently they're for patients who've had physiotherapy which hasn't helped them.  Well, I don't know whether or not physio would have helped, seeing as I never actually got to see anyone!  (I've had several courses of NHS physio over the years, as well as paid-for osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture).  But the doc said he'd try referring me by the back door, so to speak, just to see if they would take me on.  Well, clearly it worked.  Good old Dr Joe (well, he's not old at all actually, probably in his early 30s).

The appointment I was given is 30's an initial telephone appointment, of course - seems to be the norm nowadays!  I'm just pleased that I'm finally getting some help, it's boosted my mood no end.

Here's some of the Christmas cards I've been drawing:-

Sorry about the quality of the photos, as always they're taken on my phone and I'm no photographer.

Oh, and a little bit of good news.....just had an email to say we've won £25 on our premium bonds.  Every little helps!


  1. Well, it looks like good news all round! Dr Joe sounds like a real treasure. I'm sure the stiffness will start to go, now that the pain is easing and you feel able to move more. Love the Christmas cards. You're so talented. And a small win on the PB's is an unexpected bonus. xx

  2. Your cards are so pretty and a £25 windfall is always handy

  3. Love the cards, I wouldn't sending or receiving any of them!

    1. Oops, gremlins struck again, sorry for the omission of 'mind'!!!

  4. Your cards are beautiful, and will be a joy to the person receiving them. Having a doctor who you feel confident in is a blessing, hope your phone consultant takes you forward.

  5. How lucky to have found this GP - hope you get somewhere with the initial appointment. Those cards are brilliant you have a real talent and the recipients will love them. x

  6. Oh, lovely - both the cards and the win. The cards are so beautiful.

  7. They are beautiful Sooze. Enjoy that little win.

  8. I love the little trees, very effective.

  9. Such fun and happy Christmas cards!

  10. Happy Birthday for Saturday! Hope you have a lovely day. My birthday as well on Saturday and I won £25 on Premium Bonds too. A nice early birthday gift for us both. Love your cards! It’s great to know you have a GP who cares too.


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