Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Everything sorted now

 The car is now shiny and clean, let's hope it stays that way until we go on our trip up north.  If necessary, husband can just give it a quick wipe over, after today we're not going out anywhere so it shouldn't get too dirty again in the next few days.

I didn't make the sourdough starter - when I did the freezer inventory I found 2 forgotten (bought) sourdough loaves, so will use them up first.  I also found a few other things that I'd forgotten about or had got pushed to the back, including some previously made and frozen ready meals (a couple of risottos and a pork stroganoff), a pack of salami, some bacon and some chicken pieces.  I also have 2 whole chickens, one stuffed, the other corn fed, a large gammon joint, 3 packs of pork chops, 2 packs of mince (1 lamb, 1 beef), 3 packs of sausages, 2 packs of beer battered haddock, salmon steaks, and loads of vegetables, chips, leftover cooked veggies that I freeze for future bubble and squeak.  And several pots of frozen stock to be used for soups or stews.  There's enough in the freezer for a couple of months' worth of meals, I reckon, plus tinned soups, beans, tomatoes, sweetcorn, rice, couscous and pulses, so with just getting some extra milk, butter, Greek yogurt and cheese today, I should be able to get through February without sending husband out to the shops.  Might just need to get eggs in a couple of weeks, I've got 2 dozen at the moment.

I finished off the banking and financial planning and now have a clear picture of exactly what I need to do to budget for the next year or two, so that's pleased me a lot and taken away some of the stress.  Now all we need to do is stick to it!  Should be doable, with clear goals in mind and an emergency fund.

Got my osteo appointment late morning, then the little bit of shopping.  Soup for lunch, jacket spuds with bbq beans, mushrooms, cheese and salad for dinner.  I'll take it easy this afternoon, crocheting I expect, as I'm always a little sore after Felicity's done with me, with a marked improvement the next morning.

Yet another dull, cold, grey day - hope we see some sun soon, it's getting boring now.


  1. I am always surprised, shocked and mildly embarrassed when I do a freezer stock take. How easy it is to forget what lies in those chilly depths! ;-)
    Well done for getting the paperwork done and the budget set.

  2. You have been busy, both of you! You sound well sorted. I hope Felicity works her magic again for you. She sounds like a real treasure. xx

  3. Can’t beat a good sort through. Hope you feel better after your appointment.

  4. Now you have made me want to dig through my freezers much better.

    Glad that you have a sound plan moving forward.

    God bless.

  5. Good for found food. Feeling better too.

  6. It sounds like you have a well stocked freezer and no worries about meals for a few weeks. Isn't it nice having a clean shiny car, however briefly it lasts. I've been known to open the front door just to admire my car when it's nice and shiny.


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