Friday, 21 January 2022

Loveliness yesterday, steaming today

 We had a really nice time yesterday afternoon with our friends D & C down here on a short break to celebrate C's retirement.  We picked them up from their hotel and went to a nearby pub for lunch, nice place and good food.  They're a lovely couple, similar age and on the same wavelength as us, similar lifestyles and interests, conversation flows freely and we always have a good laugh.  After lunch we took them back to their hotel and had a look round there - it's a big former manor house (it's where the old TV series To The Manor Born was filmed in the late 70s/early 80s) which has diversified and extended massively to what it now specialises in - all inclusive holidays for people of a certain age (oldies in other words!), with plenty of leisure activities, coach trips out, evening entertainment, pool & spa, golf, bowls, croquet etc, bars and restaurant and loads of sitting rooms, even heated 'pods' in the gardens.  The grounds are extensive, over 100 acres, lots with livestock but plenty of well kept gardens - no restriction on where guests can roam.  There's a lovely little church in the grounds too, with some beautiful stained glass windows.  The house itself is gorgeous inside, typical big old English manor house with a rabbit warren of rooms and corridors, all beautifully maintained.  The room our friends were in was really nicely decorated, a large room with lovely comfortable furniture, luxury bathroom, their own patio outside French doors with garden furniture (bit cold for sitting out though, although it was very sunny).  And that was just a 'standard' room apparently (they do 'luxury' rooms too), I was pleasantly surprised at just how nice it was.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon, we had such a good time with them.  And, bonus, I slept like a log last night, don't think I woke up at all, until 06.20 when I heard husband putting the heating on (the boiler is a bit noisy).

And then after yesterday's loveliness.....I'm up to my eyeballs in stress today.  Husband cannot make a decision for the life of him, he dithers, procrastinates, puts up feeble excuses, sticks his head in the sand, and leaves things to the very last minute, when it's almost too late.  It drives me crazy, as I'm very much a 'get on with it' type of person.  It also drives me crackers that he won't actually do something until I've worked up to boiling point and have to jump up and down and get really annoyed before he'll realise he's just GOT to do it, whatever it is.  By which time my nerves are in shreds.  He's supposed to have been doing something with an annoying problem on the car, he should have got it sorted weeks ago but hasn't, for one (pathetic) reason or another.  The problem arose again this morning and I blew my top - if he doesn't get it sorted, preferably today, it could have an impact on our journey up to the Midlands next week.  If we break down on the way and have to call a recovery service, that will REALLY annoy me, I'm shitting bricks about the journey up there and back as it is.  So now he's gone off to the garage with a flea in his ear, and I've got a king size headache and blood pressure through the roof.

I went shopping with him this morning, for the first time in several weeks since he's been doing it on his own.  I needed several baking items (I'm making a couple of cakes to take up to my sister's next week) and some herbs and spices......if they didn't have exactly what I wanted, then I can look at what else they've got and make appropriate substitutions, whereas husband wouldn't have a clue, hence why I went.  As it happened, I did have to make a few subs, so it's just as well I went.....but going in a supermarket again just reinforced why I'd stopped going - I bloody HATE shopping with a passion!  Too many people, who dither about and get in your way when all you want to do is get what you want and get out.  Loads of empty spaces on the shelves necessitating making substitutions or going without, changes made to where things are kept so you have to search around, or find a staff member (who are thin on the ground nowadays) to ask.  So that put me in a bad mood to start with.

I think I'm going to shut myself away upstairs this afternoon, quietly reading or crocheting.  

Excuse my crotchetiness and bad language......I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow (well I bloody hope so!).


  1. Your blog, you can let off as much steam as you want, and use whatever language you want, too! I'm glad your visit with your friends was so enjoyable. Isn't is nice to be able to meet up again, although, we're still exercising caution when out and about. I think it must be a man thing, leaving jobs to the last minute. We've had a broken radiator valve since before Christmas. I phoned a plumber, but it was voicemail and he obviously didn't listen to it. Asked hubby, several times to ring again, but apparently, that's MY job! (His job seems to be making sure the TV doesn't get lonely and the sofa is still OK to sleep on!) I left it hoping hubby would eventually do it, but no. Anyway, I rang the plumber this week and it was fixed yesterday. Left to you know who, we'd still be waiting next Christmas. Aaaaaargh! xx

  2. Sending hugs. It's so hard dealing with a ditherer. I swear some of them cause so much high blood pressure that they must be sponsored by a drug company! Glad you had a good day yesterday.

  3. I should get the details from you on that vacation/inclusive setting. That sounds like a really good way to see part of your country outside the big cities. Isn't it nice to catch up with friends you really enjoy!

  4. I understand about the dithering...I have one of those as well.

    I am so glad you had such a good time with your friends.

    God bless.

  5. Oh Sooze, Mine is just the same so I feel your pain. In fact I read your post to him in the hope he'd recognise himself... he didn't


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