Saturday, 12 February 2022

A minor miracle

 My run of good sleeps continues.....last night I slept all through the night, didn't wake up at all until just after 05.30, then closed my eyes and went back to sleep for another hour.  A miracle, practically unheard of for me to sleep right through.  I can only put it down to being relatively stress-free at the moment (and of course caravan day rapidly approaching 😁).

I'm having my hair cut this morning - I normally have a trim around every 6 weeks, but this time it's been 12 weeks and I feel like a shaggy dog!  I'm going to leave trim times to about 10 weeks or so from now on, another small cost cutting measure.  Not that my haircuts cost a lot anyway - my friend and neighbour 2 doors away does it, she's a hairdresser, so I get mates rates.

Not up to much today, nothing really we need to do.  Oh, might pop to the big Cancer charity shop in town, I'm down to my last book to read and they do paperbacks 2 for £1, I'd already read most of the last bagful of books I got from the neighbour I exchange with, in fact I think I gave most of them to her 😂, we obviously need new stock!  I'll take a bagful of clothes I've sorted out to the shop at the same time, and nip into the pet store next door as Betty's nearly out of treats.

I just fancy a day off cooking today - for those of you who cook from scratch all the time (most of us, I imagine), don't you find it a bit of a bind having to think up and cook healthy and tasty meals every single day?  So husband's going to cook'll have to be something easy - not that he can't cook, he can, he just tends to ask me so many questions I end up thinking it would be quicker and easier if I did it myself 😒.  So steak pie and chips it'll be tonight, his choice of peas or baked beans (although he'll probably ask me which I prefer!).


  1. It makes such a difference when you sleep well. Your husband sounds so like mine, he doesn’t cook often, but when he does I don’t get to relax because he asks so many questions! Do you have a local library? I rediscovered mine during lockdown and it has saved me so much money, I no longer buy new or 2nd hand books and can return them rather than having them hang around.

  2. The Oxfam shop near me has books outside on Saturdays, at 4 for £1. I have 8 books waiting to be read. I must admit, some books, I look at the original price and think,"I'm glad I didn't pay that!" But for 25p, if I decide it's not for me, it's no great shakes. I was sleeping well, but last night I woke about 4am and just couldn't get comfy, so got up. I could do with a nap now, though.xx

  3. I sometimes put a few frozen bits of food under the grill if I don't want to cook. Then have to dash to the kitchen to turn it over before it turns into cinders. Potato wedges, hash browns, Quorn nuggets and suchlike.

  4. My fallback is TOAST. I love toast, with plenty of butter. So if supper ideas are thin on the ground, I have scrambled / poached eggs or cheese on toast with lots of pepper.

  5. Good news regarding your sleep pattern, Sooze, anxiety always affects my sleep too, although I've been much better since our move to the bungalow.
    Yes, I'm fed up with cooking too. Lately, we seem to be stuck in a rut eating the same meals week after week. Must try harder!
    I need to find a cheaper hairdresser. Far too much of my meagre pocket money goes on my haircut every 6/7 weeks :(

  6. I hear you on trying to think up dinner items. Summer is much easier as we're both happy with salads topped with veggies and for him, chicken, steak,or fish. All of which I can do without.I need a cut and color as well.

  7. I'm so glad you are sleeping so much better now. It makes a huge difference, doesn't it?

    I had to admit that I really rather enjoying cooking, prepping, etc. I do have plenty of fall back meals in the freezer - that helps a lot.

  8. Hope you found some good books. Those prices are a bargain! I heard our library and bookshop are reopening but I really need to stay away as I don't need any more books! Glad you're getting some good sleep. I've been waking up at 1am and that's it - wide awake lol

  9. The beauty of living alone is that if you can't be bothered to cook toast and marmalade make a perfectly good tea :-)


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