Thursday, 17 February 2022

Boots, finally, and keep safe everyone!

 The slipper booties I'd ordered online came yesterday.....they're far too loose, I'd have to wear a couple of pairs of thick socks with them, which rather defeats the object.....I don't much like wearing socks so wanted a nice pair of (long lasting) slipper boots so I didn't have to wear socks.  I guess that's the trouble with ordering stuff online - you can't try them on first.  So they have to be returned.....blimmin nuisance.  Anyway, I looked online again and saw several pairs of nice booties in M&S, but was reluctant to order any without trying them on first.  So this morning we went to Taunton (our nearest M&S) so I could actually see and try on the slipper boots.....chose a lovely comfy well fitting grey pair with a very sturdy sole, they should hopefully last a few years.

Whilst in there, I did a small top up shop in the food hall, spending £9.36.  So that, along with my 'big' shop costing £68.75 on the 10 Feb, and the £20 Valentines meal deal the other day, comes to £98.11 spent on food and toiletries so far.  I'm happy with that, I'd set this month's food budget at £240 and will come in well under that, so quite a big chunk will be transferred to my savings account at the end of the month.

This morning has been gloriously sunny with a lovely blue sky and not much breeze.....such a contrast to the galeforce winds of Storm Dudley yesterday, and the forthcoming scary Storm Eunice tomorrow.  The winds were really noisy throughout last night, kept waking both Betty and I up, I opened the curtains this morning expecting to see some damage in the garden but we seem to have escaped unscathed, only a few pots and bits and pieces blown around the garden.  We might not be so lucky tomorrow though, the forecast is for even stronger winds.  I've got my ear microsuction treatment in town tomorrow morning, I'm in two minds whether or not to postpone it, it might be safer to just stay indoors.  I'll see how bad the weather is in the morning.

And finally, my only comment on Prince Andrew - it's a good job (for him) he didn't live a couple of centuries ago....he'd have been locked up in the Tower and the key thrown away....and a bloody good job too.  He's an arrogant, entitled, snotty, pompous liar, who's a disgrace to the Monarchy.  Just my opinion, of course.


  1. Glad you finally got a pair of comfy slippers. The winds here were not too bad last night (in West Yorkshire) but I am hoping the caravan in Scotland is still anchored down!
    I feel for the Queen she doesn't deserve all this scandal in the family at her age.

  2. Totally agree with you on HRH. We keep reading about gangs of Asian men grooming young girls. HRH allegedly did exactly the same thing.. Took advantage of someone who was barely more than a child... .. :-)

  3. Glad you managed to get a pair of comfy and warm slippers. Thankfully no damage here either as the storm was not as bad as anticipated. Time will tell what the next storm will bring...

  4. Storm Dudley didn't really get started here, but I think storm Eunice will hit us tonight. I hate buying things online. I like to see, feel and if necessary, try on. Mind you, the way the high street is going, it's getting harder to do that. My late FIL met Prince Andrew once, and said he was a nasty piece of work. He was rude to one of the waitresses, belittling her in front of others. I don't care who you are, that is no way to treat people who are just doing their job. As for his involvement with Epstein, if I found out one of my friends was a paedophile, I'd drop them like a hot brick, not go and stay with them for 3 days. Say no more! xx

  5. Glad you got your slippers, it's so much easier when you can go and try things on isn't it.

    Dudley died out in the wee small hours here and Eunice is already starting to build up ... she needs to catch up with Dudley and have a word with him.

  6. I'm guessing you do not like Prince Andrew, LOL

  7. M&S can be really good value for food if you get it right. It's such good quality.

    Totally agree about Prince Andrew.

  8. Sorry that you now have to send the booties back you ordered. I am however glad that you were able to find some that suited you.

    Sounds like you are doing very well on the food budget.

    God bless.


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