Friday, 4 February 2022

Collection of caravan stuff

 We've now got a nice collection of furniture and equipment to take to the caravan.....some replacements for things we're getting rid of (like the built in sofa), others added extras we've picked up that will enhance our usage and enjoyment.  Some have been bought full price, using our dedicated caravan savings account (which is now quite depleted and I'm trying to build it up again), most things we've got reduced price in sales or bought second hand from local selling pages.  We also had £50 worth of vouchers given to us for Christmas by a very kind friend, all of that has been spent on things for the caravan.

So here's what we will be taking to the caravan during March.....not all at once! (the car isn't that big haha):-

The new sofa, very reasonable price in Ikea, and new recliner armchair, special reduced price from Dunelm.

A second hand white wood tallboy for my bedroom, to replace the pink plastic one (which will be used for storage outside).

Another small oil-filled electric radiator, boxed and in excellent condition, bought from local FB seller for £5.

2 new rugs, bought very cheaply in a local discount store, and a carpet offcut the same as the present lounge carpet to go under the new sofa (there's just old lino under the present built in sofa).

A large square bamboo wood chopping board to sit on top of the hob when not in use, as extra work surface (work surfaces in the galley kitchen are limited).  Very reasonable price indeed from Ikea.

A new snazzy dish drainer for the kitchen, to replace the cheap plastic one we currently have.

A pair of very nice solar powered lanterns, half price sale, for the van garden.

A hand held hoe, also reduced price.

Lovely purple pair of fleece lined garden shoes (for me not husband), also reduced in sale.

The last four things were bought using the Christmas gift vouchers, all things that are lovely/will be very useful for the van, but that we wouldn't necessarily have bought ourselves with our own money.

Husband has wood of various kinds in his shed to add extra battens to strengthen the walls as necessary when we take out the fixed sofa.  We have mould inhibitor stuff, should it be needed (I hope not), and plenty of paint for the new wood or to touch up the old wood.  He has double sided tape and a heavy duty staple gun, glue, nails etc - everything required, hopefully.  So we can get straight on with the work when we go at the beginning of March.

Had another very stressful day yesterday, for one reason or another, so thinking about caravan stuff and seeing all the bits we've collected for it (even though they're cluttering up the whole house) is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment.


  1. It's nice to read that you found some good and useful bargains for the caravan. I'm looking forward to hearing about the start of the season when you get there.

  2. I'm really sorry about the bad day (((hugs))) but reading about all the caravan things makes me feel excited too - not as much as you, obviously, but it's a great feeling. xx

  3. So glad the caravan plans are helping relieve the stress. Not too much longer to wait, then you can get back and put those plans into action. It will be so lovely for you to have a full season there. Keep making the plans and try to ignore the stressful stuff! xx

  4. It's nice to be able to plan your time at the caravan ... not long away now ... when you are feeling a bit down.

    And yes, a big chopping board on top of the hob is a great idea, I do that here at the lodge, even if I don't chop on it much it gives me an extra surface to put things on and protects the hob from scratches.

  5. The chopping board will truly help your kitchen space. I'm excited to read about your adventures.


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