Thursday, 3 February 2022

Getting lots done

 Annabeth, Ham Wall reserve is renowned for the starling murmurations (as you probably know) - when we first moved down here to Somerset we lived out that way and often saw the murmurations in winter.  Spectacular.  Wells is one of my most favourite places to go, it's so pretty, with lots of interesting little shops including some nice charity shops.  And I love the Cathedral, I never tire of going inside to have a peaceful wander.  

Rambler, no our car is a Fiat Doblo, very similar to the Berlingo I imagine.  It's nowhere near as nice looking as the lovely little Fiat 500L Trekking we had before but, lovely as that little red car was, it was just far too small and gutless as well.  Whilst I don't like the looks of this Doblo, it's perfect for what we require - gutsy enough to get up hills with no trouble (the 500L struggled up the big sloping hill road to the caravan), loads of room for Betty's travel cage in the boot, which we couldn't fit in the previous Fiat, and when the back seats are folded down it's as big as a van inside.  It also has big sturdy roof bars for anything we might not be able to get inside.....but will need a set of steps to do it as it's so high!

Thanks everyone for all the kind comments, I'm glad I'm not boring you!  The fingers are fine now, although did sting when I was washing up in hot water.  Rae, very good idea to put the oven mitt on the handle, must remember to do that.

There are no appointments on the calendar for this week, other than husband going out for brunch with his mate on Friday.  They do that about once a month or so, his mate (a neighbour) is a lovely chap and hilariously funny.  They've invited me to go with them sometimes but I always decline - it's a boys bonding thing and, to be perfectly honest, I really appreciate the couple of hours home alone time it gives me!  So the lack of appointments is giving me plenty of time to get some small odd jobs done, such as sorting out a bagful of books to take to the charity shop, going through my clothes and bagging up unwanted ones, clearing out my spice and herb cupboard, binning the very out of date ones which have little aroma or flavour left.  I was prompted to do this by a chilli I made last week.....which had no chilli flavour or heat at all when we ate it.  Upon checking the use by date on the pot, it was easy to see why!  2 or 3 things were about 2 years out of date and smelt of nothing at all. 

It's been fairly nice weather so far this week, several degrees warmer than of late, not a huge amount of sun but no rain either, other than a few spits here and there.  It's also been a bit breezy so good washing drying weather.....well, other than earlier in the week when it was very blustery, too blustery to risk putting washing out.  I've now got several loads dried outside, doesn't the washing smell nice when it's been dried outdoors?


  1. I love the smell of line dried washing - so fresh and clean.
    I'm really glad the fingers are on the mend; burns can hurt a LOT!

  2. I used to have a Fiat Doblo van when we had our building company. I used it after we moved to the farm for Farmers Markets all around the Oxfordshire area, they are lovely reliable and spacious things so I should imagine the car version is the same.

    I've never driven a Fiat 500L, but I always imagined they would have more power than my ordinary Fiat, which has lots, so you have surprised me. I'm glad your Doblo works so well for you.

  3. Glad the fingers are healed. I think everyone is guilty of the herbs and spices that are several years out of date! Lots of recipes call for strange ingredients that you only use a little of, then never use again. I now try to substitute for things I know I'll use often. I love the feeling (and smell) of line dried laundry. Doesn't take much to make us happy, does it? Lol! xx


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