Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Jubilee and Covid

 I like the idea of us all decorating our own vans and having afternoon tea outside.  Only a few of us actually have proper fenced-in gardens, the rest are open plan.  It's nothing to do with the site owner dictating anything, it's just down to personal preference, I think.  We particularly wanted a fenced-in garden to keep Betty contained, we didn't want to have to tie her up on a long lead attached to a stake in the ground.  Owners aren't allowed to have their dogs loose in the Park - and quite right too.  

Last season I made cakes quite a few times (at home, not in the caravan) and shared them with our van neighbours, I'm quite happy to have a big baking session at home the day before the Jubilee weekend and have a cake table for people to help themselves.

Yesterday morning we went with Betty to the Marshes, our local nature reserve, not been there for ages.  It was a grey, cloudy but very mild day, with very little wind, we had a nice walk.  I didn't take any photos, it was too cloudy for that, everything looks so dull in a photo on a cloudy day.  I did some more edging rounds of the blue blanket in the afternoon.  I've decided it's not quite big enough yet, so will be doing another 3 or 4 rounds.

One of our elderly neighbours, a widow living alone, has tested positive for Covid - the first person in our little hamlet to have it, I think.  She says she feels absolutely fine, no symptoms at all, not even a sniffle - she only did a routine LF test as her son, DiL and baby granddaughter were due to come for a visit....obviously they're not coming now until she tests negative, she's had 3 positive tests so far.  I've told her we'll pick up any shopping she might need when we go and do our own tomorrow (provided our tests are negative) and leave it on her doorstep.  I've not had any close contact with her or any other neighbours recently, husband has seen and chatted to a few.  He cut the Covid-positive lady's lawn last week, that was before she tested positive, although he only spoke to her from a distance.  But just to be on the safe side, we're testing every couple of days, negative so far thankfully.

This morning husband is going out for brunch with his mate....they were supposed to go last week but mate had to postpone it.  I'll use the peaceful time to write my shopping list for tomorrow, it'll be our first shop since last month.  I'm going to list only what we need to add to the menu plans I've written for the rest of the month using up freezer stuff, plus a couple of toiletries and some kibble for Betty, and I intend to stick to the list! (famous last words haha).

Finally, I'm almost loath to say it in case I jinx myself.....I've slept really well every night for the past few nights.  Makes such a difference when you get a good night's sleep.  It would be lovely if it continues!


  1. Fingers crossed the good sleep continues.🤞 Hope I haven't jinxed it! I hope you both continue to test negative, and that your neighbour can get to see her family soon. Enjoy the peace and quiet this morning. Not much longer till "caravan time"! xx

  2. I'm very glad your neighbour isn't feeling poorly. Long may that continue.
    I hope husband has a lovely time with his mates and that you have a lovely time with yourself!
    Great about the sleeping better. Fingers are crossed.

  3. It'll soon be caravanning time Sooze and you can relax and enjoy yourself for the rest of the year. Fingers crossed that you continue to test negative.

  4. It's surprising how much better you and the world around you feels after a few consecutive good nights sleep. I find I sleep better the days I eat more healthily, a junk food day seems to mean a disrupted nights sleep or very weird dreams that wake me up.

  5. I wish your neighbor good health-sounds like she might have picked it up, but not the worst of it. I worry for my MIL and my elder siblings. I don't know much about the Jubilee-anniversary of the Queen's coronation? Is it now 70 years? We were in the UK in 2014, so I think I recall seeing things from two years earlier and another Jubilee?

  6. The plannned celebrations have been rather thin on the ground considering its her platinum and probably her last big on. I sounds great that you're doing something st the caravan park.

  7. Fingers crossed for another good night's sleep. I admit, I'm looking forward to the celebrations too.

  8. I am glad that you are having some good sleep.

    So sorry that your neighbour came down with Covid-19. I do hope she continues to have light symptoms.

    God bless.


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