Friday, 11 February 2022

No hearing test, and electricity saving

 Well, I didn't have my hearing tested today - the very nice audiologist lady stuck a camera in my ears first (I saw the pictures on her laptop) and said one of my ears was almost completely blocked with wax, so it would be impossible to do a meaningful hearing test.  So that may explain why my hearing has got worse lately ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜’.  She recommended I have the wax removed prior to going back for a test - apparently Specsavers do this procedure, but not at that particular branch (of course they don't, nothing is ever that simple is it).  Nor does our GP do it anymore!  So it was suggested that I google for a private registered practitioner.  Oh, and apparently things have moved on and they don't generally do it by syringing the ears out with water now.....and don't recommend that anyway, as it's apparently possible to damage the eardrum or middle ear if not careful.  So now they do it by microsuction - using a vacuum pump thing to literally suck the wax out ๐Ÿ˜ณ.  It's recommended that you use oil or drops for a few days running first, in order to soften the wax and make suction easier.  So there you go.  I guess it's possible that once the wax is removed, my hearing will be so much better that I won't need another hearing test!  I've found a clinic online in our nearest town, so will probably make an appointment there soon.

It's been a nice mostly sunny day but very cold again, the temperature dropped quite a bit from yesterday.  I had washing to get dry but didn't bother putting it out....even with the sunshine, as it was cold and with next to no wind, it wouldn't have dried on the line.  So I had to put it in the tumbler, for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I'll have bedding and towels to wash over the weekend, but the weather forecast isn't looking good for the next week or so, so I guess that'll have to be tumbled too.  I've been using the slow cooker more, rather than the oven, and when I've had the oven on I've tried to make sure I cook several things at once (eg half a dozen jacket potatoes which I then wrap in foil and freeze, I cooked them at the same time as a pasta bake and a loaf of bread the other day).  We've got a large insulated jug flask, now in the mornings I fill the kettle right up to maximum when making our morning coffee/tea, the rest of the boiling water goes in the flask, it keeps the water hot enough for 2 or 3 more drinks each and saves boiling the kettle each time.  So I'm beginning to make a few energy savings where I can.  We've also not been having the heating on during the day - just an hour in the mornings and then again for 2 or 3 hours in the evenings.  And we have it a couple of degrees lower than we might previously have had.  The monthly leccy bill is due in a couple of days, it will be interesting to see how it compares to last month when we weren't really making any savings.

I've got a casserole in the slow cooker today, turkey & ham using up the last of the Christmas meats.  Husband requested dumplings, so I've just made them - not remotely low carb but it's not like we have them every day.  I had Greek yogurt with berries and nuts for breakfast, and shop-bought quiche (I didn't eat the pastry) and salad for lunch, so my carbs for today have been pretty low anyway.  Oh, just remembered, I did have a few pieces of Galaxy chocolate earlier - naughty me!! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


  1. I have my ears vacuumed relatively often. A bit noisy but better than the syringe. I once couldn’t even hear the doctor calling my name as I was so bunged up.

  2. My goodness - well, that's possibly very good news, isn't it? You can get the oil from any pharmacy, I think.

    Enjoy the dumplings and the chocolate! Not together though.


  3. I think my Mum's eardrums were damaged with being syringed for many years. Anyway, hopefully, once you've had your ears Hoovered, you'll be fine! Oooh, I love dumplings (made with vegetable suet of course, for me) but haven't had them for ages. Making me hungry for some. Your small savings on the electric are a good idea and should make a difference. Sometimes chocolate is the only answer! xx

  4. I know too well about the damage the syringe might cause as evidenced by my scarred eardrum and poor hearing. I've got a good chunk of ham too but likely will use Monday.

  5. They are gradually taking services away very stealthily. My son in law has a hernia and was told that they do not do hernia's any more unless they give you trouble, he was told if it gets hard or very painful to go to A&E what next?

    1. Briony, please get your SIL to ask again. If hernias get strangulated, it is an emergency. When my husband had his repaired privately (in Nov 2020), the surgeon told him the advice to wait and see is dangerous. He had his done at the British Hernia Centre in London. If your SIL can afford to go privately, I'd recommend them. You can Google them and get a no obligation quote. xx PS I'm not affiliated with the BHC and don't get anything for recommending them!๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you don't mind me giving my two penny worth.

  6. My husband needs to get the wax cleaned out of his ears every so often and was told to use drops and on the days he didn't use drops to drip some warm water in his ear. Then he makes another appointment about a week later and gets it vacuumed out. I love that he can hear me once again.

    God bless.

  7. Our GP has stopped doing wax removal too. They do it at the opticians in the village but it costs £95 ๐Ÿ˜ณ Our son in law had hearing problems and used drops which he bought from the pharmacy for a week and it cleared the problem. Worth a try I guess.

  8. I gave my son drops of olive oil a few years ago, which made a difference. I hope that it gets sorted out soon!

  9. Oh dear! Hope the ear gets sorted soon. My FIL went for a hearing test (as his hearing aids didn't seem to be working) only to find out that he had three of the squishy end thingys in his ear! They had to go have them removed by the doctor!


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