Thursday, 24 February 2022

Not so bad after all

 It's 3.30 am and I can't sleep.

Husband's alright now, he thinks it was all down to lack of sleep through worrying about the car.  He phoned a local garage yesterday morning, they can fix the car next Tuesday.  He then went back up to bed for a couple of hours and felt better when he came back down.

Next Tuesday is of course the 1st March....Caravan Day.  However, I'd already checked the weather forecast for next week and it's supposed to be showery that day, but sunny the rest of the week at the caravan park.  So I'd already thought it would probably be better to wait until the Wednesday, bearing in mind we'll have a car full of stuff to carry into the caravan, and more stuff (the old sofa cushions and fittings) to bring out, load into the car and take to the tip.  With the car being poorly (it's an electrical fault that keeps putting the car into limp mode, meaning it can only crawl along), and the mobile mechanic (who is a friend of a friend) not being able to come to fix it until the 10th March, I wasn't best pleased but was resigned to it...C'est la vie and all that.  However, now the local garage can do it on the 1st.....brilliant!  One day late to the caravan is nothing, especially when the weather will be better the day after.

I can definitely hear better now, following my ear microsuction on Monday.  It was a bit of a strange experience, didn't hurt at all but did make me shiver a bit and it was quite noisy (imagine a tiny vacuum cleaner actually inside your ear).  The very nice lady insisted on showing me the wax and going into great detail about it.....then saw my expression 😳 and said "Sorry, I am a bit of a geek about ear wax!" 😂  She said I'd probably feel a bit of fullness in my ears for a day or two, and most likely wouldn't notice much change to my hearing until that feeling had worn off, which it now has.  I think I'll still go and have my hearing tested, though - it's been 3 years since I last had it done, when I was given the hearing aids.

As for my knee, I completely forgot to ring the GP yesterday morning.  I rang in the afternoon, when I remembered, only to be told to ring again tomorrow - they organise the GP's phone appointments in the mornings.  I've stuck a note by the phone to remind me to do it when they open this morning.

Thank you to those of you who recommended particular types of knee braces or supports, I've ordered one, it should arrive tomorrow.  It's an adjustable one with stiff supports either side of the knee, a hole over the kneecap, and does up with velcro straps.  Should fit over the top of my jeggings - well I hope so, they're too tight in the leg for it to fit underneath.  And thank you Kim, I've also ordered (as they're out of stock at the moment but will be in next week) the phone from Argos - £7.00 bargain - so at least we'll have use of a phone if we have another extended power cut.

Baking yesterday - I made a sausage plait, which will do us for 2 lunches at the caravan with an apple and cake, and 2 easy dinners - one with chips and beans, the other with salad and coleslaw.   I also made a dozen muffin-sized individual light fruit cakes, most of them frozen to take to the caravan but I did leave 4 out for husband. 


  1. Glad your hubby is feeling better. 24/7 nursing can get a bit wearing! Good news about the car, too. I hope the knee brace helps, it's not a nice feeling when your leg gives way under you. All coming together nicely again! xx

  2. That's brilliant news about the car. A day's delay is much better than a week or so. Phew.

    I hope the knee support really makes a big difference.


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