Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Sleep is the key

 For the first time in about 10 days, I didn't sleep at all well last night.  Having felt really well during that time, this morning I feel like death warmed up.....proof that a good night's sleep cures all ills, and a bad one makes me feel like crap.  Still, never mind.....two weeks today I shall be going back to my caravan!  (Just in case you didn't know 😂 ).

All the M&S Meal Deal food we ate yesterday was delicious, I couldn't fault any of it.  And no actual cooking for me to do either, just a case of bunging everything in the oven.  Well, the duck I seared skin side down first in a hot frying pan before putting it in the oven.....that was the extent of 'cooking'.

Betty hasn't got an ear infection, luckily for both her and husband's wallet.  The vet looked in her ears and said one of them had what she first thought was a grass seed stuck in there.....when she carefully pulled it out with long tweezer things, it turned out to be a ball of wax with some matted fur stuck in it.  No wonder Betty's been shaking her head trying to dislodge it, poor thing.  So even with her annual booster jab, 3 months supply of tick and flea tablets and washing out of her ears, it wasn't as costly as we'd expected.

I've just ordered myself a decent (i.e. better quality and therefore more expensive) pair of slipper booties - I get very cold feet nowadays.  For the past few years, I've had cheapo slippers/booties, they generally just about last the winter so I need to buy a new pair each year - well, the ones I bought last autumn are falling to bits already, so I need a new pair now.  I've decided to splash out on a quality pair in the hope that they'll last longer than one season.....if they don't, I shall be taking it up with the company.  I don't mind buying cheap for some things, but sometimes it really does pay to fork out more for better quality and a longer life.

Not got loads to do today, the main thing is making some dog food, and rearranging the freezer drawers which have become a bit disorganised again.  I do like to have everything in a certain place inside the big freezer, makes it easier to find what I want and to see what's there.  Husband tends to just shove things anywhere there's a space though, when he's putting shopping away or putting something back into the freezer, hence why I can never find anything when I need it.

I was pleased with our electricity bill, it's coming down nicely, it's dropped two months in a row now.  So our small cost cutting measures......doing the washing on a short economy programme, not using the tumble drier nearly as much, filling the kettle to the brim each morning and pouring the excess water into a big flask for use in hot drinks throughout the day rather than boiling the kettle numerous times....are all working well.  I did say to husband that he could help by not having the TV on constantly, but he reckons it doesn't use much electricity.  Well, he would say that wouldn't he - I have no idea whether he's right or not 😉

We're having Coronation chicken with a jacket spud, salad and homemade coleslaw tonight, there'll be enough chicken for a lunchtime sandwich tomorrow.


  1. The slippers sound nice and cosy and hopefully well worth the money. Sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and pay for decent quality don't we. Tony bought me some sheepskin boots.. a bit like Ugg boots and I use them as slippers. They were blimmin expensive but sooooooo cosy and warm.

    1. Yes, these ones I've ordered are like Ugg boots, but not that brand, a slightly cheaper version.

  2. Compared with anything that produces heat (fires, hairdryer, tumble drier, kettle etc) the TV will not use much electricity; not keeping it on standby will help to reduce the bill over the year though.
    Your slippers sound lovely - I had to stop wearing slippers a number of years ago and instead wear a pair of slip on knitted style Skecher trainers indoors that are for inside only - My osteopath recommended them as a lot of slippers offer little arch support and my feet need supporting to keep my hips and knees in better alignment, which these do. x

  3. Yes I like good slippers too, I always get Hotter ones which seem expensive but as one pair will last me two to three years and have good arch supports they are worth it in the long run. I get the sort with the hard bases so I can go outside in the garden with the dogs if necessary without having to put my shoes on.

    Alan's feel so much like shoes that he once walked the length of Llandudno prom with the dogs in the rain wearing his slippers and we didn't notice for ages.

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things in reducing your electricity usage.

  4. I actually had a good sleep last night and feel I could take on the world (well, some housework, at least!🤣) It really does help when you get a decent night's sleep, doesn't it? I'm glad the cost cutting efforts are reaping rewards. Small changes really do make a difference. Two weeks to go! My, the time is flying so fast. I bet (know) you can't wait. xx

  5. I have found that a cold wash gets the washing just as clean. Not sure if that would save on cost.

  6. Just two weeks - those ninety days have passed quickly!
    A good pair of slipper is definitely a good investment. Cold toes are a misery.

  7. I may have to get some slipper booties as my feet are constantly cold. Thanks for the idea.

    Glad that the vet visit wasn't as expensive as anticipated and that Betty is not suffering from an ear infection.

    God bless.

  8. I always like a meal that you can have again tomorrow!

  9. I am just getting back into the routine of sleeping at night, after sitting up with my Dad. It really does make a difference to your health.

  10. Sleep is such a great medicine. I've been retired from shiftwork 6 years in September and I still have a sleep pattern like I'm on night shift. Crazy! Pleased Betty doesn't have an ear infection, they can be nasty. Like you I find if my feet are cold I'm cold. Keeping my feet toasty is the key to happiness.


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