Sunday, 13 February 2022

Yuck day but it'll soon be growing season!

 It's really horrid out there today, galeforce winds and rain being chucked sideways at the windows, and it's forecast to last all day.  Husband put on all his wet weather gear (he looks like he's about to go out to sea on a fishing trawler) and put Betty's big rain mac on her, which she doesn't like but tolerates.  They weren't out long, just long enough for Betty to do her business, and then she practically dragged husband home, bless her.

We're going to sit down with the veg gardening book and a notepad this morning, listing what we want to grow, both here at home and at the van.  We won't be growing much at home as we're intending to spend a lot of time this year at the van, although we (or husband) will come home once or twice a week to collect the post, water the garden and do some washing.  There's no laundrette at the caravan park, I do have a small rotary airer for the garden so can do a bit of hand washing and peg it out to dry.  So whatever we grow in the garden needs to be something that doesn't need a lot of looking after or watering every day.  We will grow the Charlotte spuds at home to join in with Cherie's challenge.....we've got a large pot we could take to the van and put a couple of the spuds in there.  I also want leeks grown at home, and probably carrots and beetroot.  No salad greens, cucumbers or tomatoes at home though, nor courgettes, as they're thirsty plants that need a lot of watering.  I want a pot or 2 of cherry tomatoes at the van, and some radishes and salad leaves which we'll also grow in pots.

I've nearly finished the striped van blanket, just 2 edging rounds to do.  I was further forward with it than I'd remembered, as it had been several weeks (months even) since I last touched it, I only needed to do 6 rows so it was quick to do that.  So hopefully I might get the edging finished today.

I'd got the van windows measurements written down in my caravan notebook, so I cut out one curtain sized piece out of the fleece the other produced lots of fluff whilst cutting, but it doesn't fray (as I'd hoped it wouldn't), so that'll save me having to hem all the pieces.  I'll use my hole punch to make holes along the tops to hang the liner pieces on the existing curtain hooks, and then job done.  I'm glad I had that brainwave to use cheap fleece blankets - I surprise myself with good ideas sometimes 😂😂

Free range cornfed roast chicken for dinner today, I bought it reduced to half price before Christmas, I think.  So that'll do us for several chickeny meals this week.


  1. The storm has not yet reached us along the south coast, but we have very few plans to be outside today.

  2. Wet here but no wind as such - yet! Your veg growing plans sound exciting. I always forget to water plants, so rarely grow veg. Oh, I'm a bad gardener.☹ The old saying "necessity is the mother of invention" is so apt for those of us of a certain age. We're the make do and mend generation. Your curtains will make the caravan so snug, and without too much expense and faff. Well done you! The days are whizzing by and it'll soon be time to pack the car and get to the caravan. Don't forget to give us some more before and after photos - pretty please! xx

  3. I love the idea about the fleece. It sounds really cosy, and with the weather today, that's important!

  4. I'm an oddity but I love a good hard rain- not the potential for damage if course. Here that means it's no longer snow weather. By April, I'll be happy if it rains 2-3 times or more because it'll clean up the gross remnants if winter. December winter is lovely, January and February barrable-just, but March is depressing.

  5. Christmas turkey in creamy peppercorn for us. Serving them with roast Jerusalem artichokes and roast spuds so it's going to be very very windy here tonight. :-)


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