Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Bundle of anxiety

 I know the problems here are nothing in the great scheme of things, and with the roof done and the new windows being installed in August, the house will be much warmer and cosier.  Which hopefully means we can have the heating on a bit less, or lower at least, thus saving a few pennies.

But I love my garden, it brings me a lot of pleasure.  Seeing it in such a mess is hard for me - yes I know things will regrow, the lawn will recover, and the house martins and sparrows will start making new nests.  The disruption and all the clanging/banging/hammering/drilling noise, and having lots of strange men tramping round the garden and on the roof, all shouting and laughing is a huge problem for me, the noise (oh, the noise!), mess and invasion of my privacy REALLY grates on me and totally upsets my equilibrium.  Betty doesn't like it one bit either, she's a bundle of anxiety, just like me.  I just want a quiet life.  The scaffolders didn't come yesterday to remove the rest of the scaffolding, despite saying they would, so I'm assuming they'll come today.  I hope they do, they're disrupting my plans.

My sister was sent home yesterday afternoon, with a zimmer frame and strict instructions not to put weight on her broken foot.  The tests revealed she'd had a severe UTI (she said she'd been feeling feverish for a couple of days prior to passing out), so the hospital have put it down to that, and possibly low blood pressure having just got out of bed.  She's had intravenous antibiotics in hospital and has been given more in tablet form.  Her husband is disabled so won't be able to be of any help, but she does have lots of willing friends and a helpful daughter, and she lives in a bungalow, thankfully.  She and I come from the same mould, we get on with things ourselves rather than asking or waiting for others to help - well I've told her she must accept all help offered right now and not try to do everything herself.

I made a fruit cake yesterday and froze it when cooled, much to husband's disgust.  I've run out of cake tin liners and am nearly out of muffin cases, so need to get some before I can make any more cakes for our Jubilee weekend at the van.

I love these light mornings, I get so much done by getting up even earlier than usual (5.30 the last couple of mornings).  This morning I've taken last night's washing out of the machine and put on another load as the economy rate overnight electricity lasts until 8 am.  I also emptied the dish rack and put away all the dishes husband had washed up last night, took a couple of ready baked jacket spuds out of the freezer for tonight's dinner, and got all the veggies ready to chop for the ratatouille to go with the spuds.  I've checked what's on my to do list for today, and added a couple of things to tomorrow's list.

I got husband to dig up some plants yesterday, foxgloves that have self seeded everywhere and a strange large thing with leaves that look like a cross between irises and gladioli, it has pale yellow very small but pretty flowers on it which are clearly neither iris nor glad, no idea what it is or where it came from, I didn't plant it.  He's put them all in pots temporarily, we're going to plant them in the bed at the rear of the caravan.  We'll be popping to the van within the next day or 2, just to plant those things, water the pots and take the washed bedding and towels back.


  1. I'm glad they found out what caused your sister's fall and hopefully she'll make a speedy recovery. Once the scaffolders have taken everything away and your house is quiet again, you can begin to get the garden back into shape. I've taken a much more laid back view to the garden this year. It's a wildlife garden now! Lol! I do a bit of weeding and there are a few plants that need a bit of a haircut, but I'm trying not to stress about it all. Your van garden plans are coming on. It will look nice with the foxgloves and mystery plant. xx

  2. The plants are probably Sisyrinchium striatum

  3. Pam has mentioned the same name as I was going to.

  4. Thank you Pam and Cathy, I've just looked it up and that's exactly what it is!

  5. I was going to ask for a picture of your flower but Pam and Cathy have already solved the mystery, just looked it up myself - what a pretty plant.

    I completely 'get' what you say about the noise and disruption from having work done in the house, I hate it too. Poor Betty - might she be picking up on your anxiety?

    1. I'm sure my current anxiety isn't helping her, Jayne, but Betty is generally an anxious dog anyway.

  6. I'm like you - absolutely hate it when workmen have to come to the house, sends me into a right panic - we hardly ever have any come as a consequence, but sometimes it's a necessity. The window cleaner is bad enough!! I hope your sister continues well with her recovery.

  7. It's not easy for your mental; health with workman in and major disruption is it. One of the reasons I was so glad when the building work finally finished at our Welsh house, over two years of non-stop major building works on the land, gardens and house while trying to keep dogs in and safe from the road drove me to distraction. I could have easily murdered Alan when he returned from work every Thursday night and just commented on progress while I lived through all the mess and builders questions.

    Thank goodness for your caravan to escape to, the new transplanted plants will make it even nicer :-)

  8. We've got a plumber coming Thursday, anytime between , 10 and 2 so I'll be finding somewhere else to be even though I could be in my office downstairs. It's the strangeness of having people in my house. I'm sorry your be nerves are being pushed so hard, but can relate.

  9. like the others,can completely relate to your anxiety and Bettys too.we had major maintainance done to the outside of our house last summer and oh boy I was just the same as you,so was my beloved moggy ( we have just had to say goodbye to him he had cancer ) was terrified.Yes the mess in the garden,makes you want to weep and scream.Take care enjoy the caravan.xx

  10. I really dislike having strangers in my private space, so I understand where you are coming from.

    God bless.


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