Friday, 13 May 2022


 The scaffolders turned up just before 9 am yesterday, 3 of them.  Betty did a fair bit of woofing initially, but surprisingly soon settled down, just sending anxious glances out of the window occasionally.  After 3 hours of poles clanging, the poles being fixed together with a heavy duty electric drill thing, and the 3 blokes all shouting and laughing loudly, my nerves and head were on fire.  Whenever we've had workmen in (when there's more than one of them) for whatever reason, it always seems to be the same - they're all quite jolly and laugh/talk a lot, but they don't actually talk - they shout.  Loudly.  Presumably because the work is always so noisy, so they get used to shouting to be heard above the noise.  At least these guys didn't have a huge great ghetto blaster radio blaring out, which often seems to be the case with workmen.  Husband was out (lucky him) away from the noise, mowing lawns for 2 neighbours, but did come back to check Betty and I were coping.  Once we'd had lunch we went out, all 3 of us.  Nipped into town to get a couple of things from Wilko and some cash out (I almost never use cash nowadays, but will need some for the RNLI plant sale on tomorrow) and then stopped off at the nature reserve on the way home, to give Betty a walk and all of us some welcome peace.

Got home mid afternoon to find they'd gone but hadn't finished.  They came back about 3.30, having gone to collect more supplies, so then another hour or so of banging and shouting.  One thing I will say in the workmen's favour - they were very careful not to trample on my flowerbeds, thankfully.

By dinnertime when they'd finally gone, I had a banging headache and felt totally frazzled, resulting in another bad night.  Thank goodness we're off to the van again today as I assume they'll be back this morning to finish off, and I really hope the roof gets done next week whilst we're at the van.  If not, well we will simply go to the van again for a few days whenever the roofers turn up, at least we can up and go with very little notice or preparation.  There are a couple of appointments on the calendar for next week and the week after, but fortunately husband will still be able to go to them from the caravan park.

I'd decided to start dieting again, but with my nerves stretched almost to breaking point with all sorts of things right now, that ain't happening.


  1. I know work can't be done silently, but why they have to add to the noise by shouting and playing the radio at full blast, I don't know. When our neighbours had work done a few years ago, the workman even left his radio blasting away in the front garden, when he disappeared for his lunch! Glad you can disappear to the van when it all gets too much. Leave the dieting for when things are calmer. Dieting is stressful enough! xx

  2. Not a good time to start dieting but why not consider it 'eating healthily, rather than 'dieting'. It changes the focus and make it something quite different and much more positive (I find).
    Have a lovely time at the van. xx

  3. Even if they were efficient and friendly, the banging and yelling would be headache inducing. Enjoy your caravan time.

  4. What about half dieting. Diet at home and not at the van this way you loose some weight but not at the expense of your relaxation time away from home.

  5. I entirely agree that you should get away before they show up to finish the task, and that you should go to the caravan while the roofers are there. You do not need the added stress.

    God bless.

  6. What a blessing and bolt hole your lovely caravan has turned out to be, enjoy!


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