Friday, 27 May 2022

I'm done

 Off to the van this morning, until after the Jubilee.  As it's our wedding anniversary today (39 years, where does the time go), I've been to M&S Food hall and got food from their special dine in for 2 range.  Nice food, and already prepared, so I just have to bung it in the oven.

The scaffolders came Wednesday and took down all the scaffolding, in two trips.  They've taken most of it away, but there are still a dozen or more poles and various fixings left here on the lawn - along with more discarded screws, nails and dog ends (they all seemed to have fags permanently stuck in their mouths), and lots more holes and cracks in the lawn where they just dropped or threw poles and fixings down from a great height.  I presume they'll be back for the rest of their poles today, seeing as they didn't come yesterday....frankly I shall just be glad to see the back of them and am done with worrying about it.  I'm done with a lot of things, actually.

My sister is recovering well, she's finally beginning to feel more like herself, although is covered in bruises and very sore, she's also coping well with the zimmer frame and has managed to get outside and sit in her garden - she loves her garden as much as I do mine.

Husband went to the local hospital to see the podiatrist yesterday, she said he has a few ingrowing toenails not just one, and has possibly some diabetic problems with his feet as well - to do with nerve damage.  She's arranging for him to have ops to deal with his ingrowing toenails - he could have had a cancellation at a hospital a fair distance away next Monday, but has declined.....partly because we'll be away in the van and he won't be able to get to the hospital (he can't drive himself on the day).  So he's said he would rather wait to have the procedures done in our local hospital.

I've been so low and really struggled with anxiety and stress lately, I really cannot wait to get away to the van and our lovely friends.  I doubt I'll be doing much blogging.  I feel like I'm absolutely wrung out.


  1. Take care, Sooze. Relax at the caravan, and return refreshed. We'll wait for you. Pleased your sister is recovering. xx

  2. I hope you find the rest and peace you're looking for and deserve this weekend. Sending good wishes for your sister's continued healing.

  3. A prepared anniversary lunch for two and a half. Betty must celebrate as well. Take care , relax , enjoy.

  4. You just take it easy and rest. Glad that you are using a prepared meal for your anniversary. Enjoy your stay in the caravan.

    God bless.


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