Saturday, 21 May 2022

Progress and a chip butty on the beach

 Thank you for all the suggestions.  I don't know much about headphones, but am assuming the wireless ones connect to the TV via Bluetooth.  That would be fine for home (once husband, or probably me, works out how to connect them....hopefully it would do it by itself), but I'm guessing not for the caravan.  The reason being, the TV in the caravan doesn't have Bluetooth capability, as far as I'm aware.  Husband could of course have wired headphones, but as some of you remembered, that would be a very bad idea - if he (or indeed Betty) didn't trip over the wire, then he would probably forget he'd got them on and get up and walk away....dragging the TV off the cupboard.  (Well, if he broke it, problem solved!! 😂).

The point is, though - I'd rather he didn't have the TV on at all.  Well, not for hours at a time anyway, I don't mind it being on for a specific programme, just not all bloody day!  And he does the man thing, flicking through the channels constantly, even whilst he's actually watching a programme - god forbid he should miss something more interesting on another channel!!  And as I've said before, because of his heart failure and the cocktail of medications he's on, he falls asleep within minutes of putting the TV on - and because he's always got the remote control clutched in his hand, I can't even turn it off.

Anyway, since we had the talk he's been switching the thing off after watching something (it does go back on again a short while later, but it's a start).  And he's agreed that he needs something else to do in wet weather, he quite likes the idea of jigsaw puzzles so we'll go and look for some during the week.  The big cancer charity shop in the retail park by the supermarket back home always has puzzles, cards and games, so he should be able to find a few things.  The next time we come back here, our lovely van next door neighbours will be here, so he'll have Charlie to chat to, that'll be good.

I'm packing up this morning and giving the van a good clean, we'll go home late morning when I'm done.  We'll come back midweek just for the day, to bring back the towels and bedding, toiletries that need replacing etc, and I want to dig up some foxgloves from my home garden, they've self seeded everywhere.  We'll put them in the bank bed at the back of the van, to fill up a few spaces.

We had a nice time yesterday - it rained all morning but stopped just before lunch, so I buttered some bread and filled a bottle with water and we went to Berrow's a big long sandy beach with loads of space and parking right on the beach.  We stopped off at a chippy on the way, so had chip butties for lunch, with a sausage and a few chips for Betty, washed down with the water, then Betty had a lovely time charging around on the beach.  Because it had been raining all morning, there was hardly anyone about, so we more or less had the beach to ourselves for a while.  Betty absolutely loves the beach, she runs around like a mad thing, then stops to dig a hole in the soft sand, then throws herself into it and rolls around on her back, it's so funny to watch.  And I just love seeing her enjoying herself so much with complete abandon.  She slept all afternoon when we got back to the van.


  1. Watching a dog enjoy themselves on a sandy beach is truly one of life's great pleasures. 💚 🐾

    Good luck with the TV - baby steps, baby steps, ANY progress is a great thing.

  2. What a wonderful time on the beach; Betty's antics brought a big smile to my face. It reminded me of my times with my lovely Zac - he adored the beach and did all those things, then ended up with a plunge into the sea where he'd lie and enjoy the waves rippling around him. I always took a very wet dog home along with several wet towels! (Zac was a big, long-haired Border Collie - imagine that soaked and very sandy!!!)

  3. Well at least your hubby has embraced the idea of jigsaws. It's a start! Chip butties on the beach - lovely. Oh, to have not a care in the world, like Betty! xx

  4. So completely American question. Do you put the chips in the bread to eat, or eat along side the buttered bread? Betty sure enjoys the beach- good for her.

    1. Sam, the chips (French fries?) go inside the bread, to make a sandwich.....chip butty as we British call them. A quintessentially British thing, I guess!

  5. Oooh chip butties on the beach sounds just perfect, and with a happy dog providing the entertainment what more could you want. :-)

  6. Glad you are having fun
    Trust me..I will not even ask what a chip butty is…lol
    I love your blog…


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