Thursday, 12 May 2022

Sometime when

Yesterday the scaffolding (for the new roof to be done) was going up, the men were supposed to arrive early, around 8 am.  We'd decided to go shopping, taking Betty with us (she'd be doing her guard dog duty, running around the house and barking at the men outside in the garden if we left her at home).  Husband of course stayed with her in the car (he sits in the boot with the door open, Betty likes watching the world go by) whilst I did the shopping by myself - which I prefer to do.  Well, they didn't come, and no phone call to inform us either.  I guess the rain in the morning put them off, although it had stopped by lunchtime.

The window man came as arranged though, to measure up for the new windows which are to be fitted in August.  Although we're not paying for the windows (the Landlord is), I was pleasantly surprised to find that we did have some choices - types of window openings, style of front door (the other 3 houses owned by our Landlord have all had/are having full glazed front door, whereas I wanted a half glazed).  We could also choose the pattern for the obscure glass in the bathroom and front door.

I'm assuming the scaffolders will be coming today, fine weather is forecast so they can't use the weather as an excuse.  If they do arrive, then I'd thought we could go out again with Betty.  I need a few things from a garden centre anyway, and we could sit outside with Betty for a coffee, and then take her for a walk.  Only it appears husband has now made plans to go and mow the lawns for 2 of the neighbours 😒  

As to when the new roof is actually being done....we don't know, all the Landlord could say was 'within the next few days'.  Typical Somerset.....'sometime when' being a familiar phrase here.  I'm hoping they'll do the roof next week when we're at the van - neither Betty nor I would cope very well with the noise.

Husband has a GP appointment this afternoon, I'll be packing again for the caravan, we're off there again tomorrow.  Not too much to pack, as we both have clothes there and I left plenty of food in the cupboards and fridge, as we knew we'd be back there again this week.


  1. How lovely that you have some choices over the double glazing. Excellent.
    Frustrating about the scaffolding though. I hate it when that happens. Fingers crossed that they get the roof done while you are away - that would be perfect. xx

  2. Whenever I see someone (usually a chap!) sitting at the boot of his car with dog, whilst the parter is obviously shopping, it does make me smile.

    And how nice that you have some choice in the new windows, that is a lovely surprise.

  3. Have fun at school home…are you taking books? Puzzle books also?..

  4. It's so annoying when workmen ( I suppose I should say work people!) don't turn up and don't let you know. I'm sure they assume you've got nothing else to do but hang around waiting for them to grace you with their presence! Hopefully the roof will be done when you're at the van. Nice that you get a choice for the doors and windows. The house will be all snug and draught-free by next winter. (But let's have some summer first!) xx

  5. I can see the annoyance of no specific date. Hard to plan around sometime. Betty just lives a happy life.

  6. I am very thankful that you have the van to vacate to, whilst any work is going on at the house. Enjoy!

  7. I have seen those doors that are fully glazed and wondered why would they be the choice. Heck you can't hide the fact that you are in your pj's.

    Enjoy your next days at the caravan.

    God bless.


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