Saturday, 14 May 2022

Stressful and then good stuff

 Huh, turns out the scaffolders weren't as careful as I thought.....they'd trampled on one of my lilies which had lots of buds on, squashing it flat and breaking the stems.  An adjacent gorgeous deep pink rose bush which is just coming into bloom, a 60th birthday present from my best friend, also had one stem snapped and some leaves and shoots bruised and bent.  I've cut the broken bits off the rose, it'll survive, the lily won't though.  We left yesterday morning before the men arrived, otherwise I'd have had words with them.

The garden here at the van is beginning to look really nice, it'll be absolutely lovely in a few more weeks when there's lots more in bloom.  The salad leaves and radish seeds I sowed last weekend have already started to come through, we'll be eating fresh salad from the van garden in no time.  I'll be doing successional sowing so we'll have salads throughout the summer.  The 2 tomato plants we brought with us last weekend are also doing ok.

Went to the plant sale in the village this morning, got there about 20 mins before it opened, I stood in the already quite long queue (it's very popular) whilst husband went off to the post office.  Don't you just dislike old women (and it is always old women!) who come up behind you, then start sneakily sidling up beside you and then worm their way in front of you?  Yes there was one of those.....I'd rather they just came straight out with it and asked if I mind if they go in front?  The plant sale I felt was very disorganised - it's held on an empty car sales forecourt and, as I said, is very popular.  It was extremely busy this morning and all the stalls were packed out, I think the organisers (RNLI volunteers) should have just let in a dozen or so people at a time, rather than all at once.  The number of times I got kneed in the leg, bashed in the back with bags and elbowed - again, mostly by old women who clearly thought I should give way to them, being younger (marginally!) than them - meant I quickly got to the stage where I'd had enough.  I only managed to buy 1 tray (6 plants) of petunias - not labelled so no clue as to colour or whether they were trailing or not, and not even priced up, the volunteer guessed at the price.  She didn't even know that they were petunias! (luckily I did).  There was no chance of looking at any other plants - unless I did what everyone else was doing and elbowed my way in - and anyway it was far too crowded for my liking, so we left.  Husband did manage to get a couple of courgette plants (for home) from a different stall, after shoving his way in (he's not as polite as me).  I was glad to get back to the van.....even if husband did immediately put the TV on.

And then.....hooray, a phone call from Landlord saying the roofers will be making a start on Monday.  So it'll be all over and done with whilst we're here at the van out of the way, just as I wanted.

It's such a nice day, we went out for a drive.  Took a picnic for us and Betty, and stopped off at Chew Valley Lake to eat it, enjoying the view.  Didn't stay out too long, as it was very warm in the car, too warm for Betty (she's now flaked out under the garden parasol) and I want to get some pots planted up for summer flowers.


  1. What a shame the plant sale was so disorganised. I hope the petunias turn out to be what you wanted! Your van garden sounds like it's coming on a treat. I must sow some salad leaf and rocket seeds, never seem to get round to it. I'm such a bad gardener! What a great thing that the roof will be done and dusted by the time you get back home. A shame about the lily though. Will it come back next year? xx

  2. Chew Valley lake was a favourite place when our girls were young, not been there for years.

  3. How very annoying - both the damaged plants and the plant sale. I'm gad you're nice and relaxed at the van now and the weather has been gorgeous, hasn't it? xx

  4. Probably the same old women who sail through a door that you're holding open without a backward glance or thank-you. I just say "You're welcome!" or "Don't mention it!" in a very loud voice - and I am in my 60s, as well!

    1. That's exactly what I do, and to people who don't acknowledge that I've moved out of the way to socially distance when out walking, as well. A smile and a thank you doesn't cost anything! xx

  5. I tell my kids not to let me use age as an excuse to be rude! I'm fortunate that my parents didn't nor MIL now play that game. I'm glad you at least got petunias.

  6. I am elderly and do not do this but I have found that many who are in fifties do…my kids don’t though…glad you are enjoying your getaway…

  7. I commend you on your holding it together. Making the van your safe/peaceful place is great.


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