Thursday, 19 May 2022

Time to myself

I had a full afternoon to myself here at the van yesterday - no TV or computer on, it was lovely.  Husband keeps asking to use my laptop to look at cars, and then reads them all out to me, despite knowing it bores the pants off me, so at least I had a break from that.  He took Betty to the vets, her ear infection has cleared up following the antibiotic drops she had last time, so that's good.  He then went home to collect the post and a few other things (I'd given him a list), water the plants and check on the roof.  He said the roofers are about halfway through, apparently they found one area was very rotten so that needed extra work.  He said both front and back gardens are a terrible mess, broken roof tiles, bits of wood and concrete everywhere......I'm trying not to think about that and just hope they'll have cleared it all up by the time we go home at the weekend.

Weather has been very changeable the past few days....a fair bit of sunshine, but quite a lot of showers too, some heavy (it rained heavily a few times last night, which kept me awake).  The forecast is good for today, so we'll take Betty for a walk round Cheddar Reservoir.

More owners turned up a couple of days ago, ones we get on well with, so I had a nice time catching up with them yesterday.  Our lovely van next door neighbours texted yesterday to say they'll be here in just over a week, so that'll be nice, I shall enjoy them being here, they're such a lovely couple and we have a really good time with them.

The site owner has no particular plans for the Jubilee weekend, I discovered yesterday (I asked his partner) but said he might put some bunting up.  He apparently was thinking his daughter, who also lives here on site and helps him with the running of the place, might do some organising, but he'd forgotten she's away on holiday then!

Next year marks 90 years since the site was opened (it's been in the same family all that time, the site owner is the 3rd generation) and he's planning a big celebration then with games, bunting, etc, the family are still working on ideas for it.  That should be good, although it will be a busy weekend in summer so might prove a bit difficult for me, I don't cope well with noisy crowds.  I can always retreat to my van though, for a respite, and watch from a distance.  


  1. Time on your own is lovely. Just to hear your own thoughts rather than constant TV and talking. (Guess what our house is like, too!) Try not to think about the roofing mess. I'm sure (most) of it will be cleared up. You know men, they don't have the same idea of tidy as we do! Enjoy the time with your neighbours/friends. xx

  2. Time on your own, even for a short while, to recharge your batteries is wonderful isn't it.

    You really make me miss my Van when I read about you in yours, it's a completely different way of life isn't it and a much better one at that. It sounds like your caravan park is how the one I was on used to be, now they have been taken over by a big company and it's been run along the chain caravan sites rules. lots of the old regulars are up in arms and trying to sell their caravans, although as the site fees have gone up there don't seem to be many buyers. The new vans that the company are trying to sell are even advertised on Facebook Marketplace which is fine ... but they don't even bother to spell the caravan parks name properly.

    I hope your's stay in the family for a long while.

  3. I'm sorry rain keeps you up. Storms bother my dog so he keeps me up, but both he and I love a good sleep with just rain sounds. The jubilee is such a strange concept to me, but I watched The Crown, lol, so know a tiny bit.

  4. Alone time is precious, especially post-retirement 🫢

    Great news about Betty's ears. Don't let Himself's description of roof mess play on your mind. Either the workmen will clear up before they leave, or you will be able to (but make sure you take photographs to send to the landlord). Don't let the thought of this spoil your time at the van. xx

  5. I also have to contend with other people's activities, but can keep to myself if need be.
    We all have different ways of enjoying ourselves...mine just happens to be by myself. :)
    Hope one of the roofers has a woman's heart and cleans up nicely .

  6. Time on your own is always a good thing.

    God bless.

  7. Sorry that they have made such a mess. I'm sure they will do their best to clear most of their mess and I guess it's unavoidable, given what they are doing and it will be nice to have a nice, new, sound roof.

    Have a lovely walk. xx


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