Monday, 13 June 2022

Air fryer help?

 I've been catching up with washing the past few days whilst the weather has been good, so it can be dried outside.  I load the machine and set it to wash overnight on the economy (ha, that's a misnomer nowadays) rate, which is between 01.00 and 08.00 in the summer months when the clocks go forward, 12.00 midnight and 07.00 in winter.  As I get up so early - always around 06.00, even at weekends - I can take the overnight wash out of the machine and get another load in on the economy rate.  When we've been at the caravan and come home for a day to water plants, collect post etc, I generally do a small wash load on the quick wash programme - obviously it's not cheap rate, but the quick wash is just 30 mins at 30 degrees, so it doesn't use too much electricity.  And then I take it back to the caravan to dry on my little rotary airer outside.  Some caravan parks don't allow washing lines (they want people to spend money in the site's own laundrette) but ours is very relaxed about that sort of thing....anyway, they haven't got an on-site laundrette.

I tend to use my oven a lot at home, although I do try to fill the oven up rather than cook just one thing at a time.....doesn't always happen though.  At the van we got rid of the ancient gas cooker and bought a table-top oven/rotisserie (we've so far not used the rotisserie) which has 2 rings on top.  However, only one of the rings is able to be used whilst the oven is on, I don't know why (it's the design feature, not a fault).  Several of our fellow vanners don't use their ovens at all, but have air fryers instead, and I know some of you bloggers have air fryers too.  I've been thinking it might work out cheaper to use an air fryer instead of the oven, so, after doing a lot of research, I've bought one.  It's a Tower mid-range one and arrived yesterday.  Apparently they do lots of other things besides cooking chips in a tsp of oil and I'm looking forward to getting to grips with it.  If it works out well, I'll be taking it to the caravan each time we go - if I'm really pleased with it I may end up buying a 2nd one so we don't have to transport it back and forth each time.  If any of you have any tips or advice regarding air fryers, I'd be pleased to know.

But there's a problem with it (isn't it always the way?!).  It arrived (in a completely undamaged sealed box) missing a part - the drip tray.  Which I assume is a pretty essential part.  I had an online chat with an Amazon person, who said they can't send me a replacement drip tray and asked me to send the whole thing back......which I declined to do.  So they've given me a discount, and I'll get onto Tower themselves by phone today to see if they can send me a replacement tray.  Meanwhile, I have a square shallow baking tin which fits inside the appliance, so am guessing I could possibly use that for the time being.  Unless you're not supposed to place things on the bottom (the drip tray I assume slides into the bottom rungs) - does anybody know?  My shallow baking tin won't fit into the rungs, it would have to sit on the bottom of the appliance.

I'm going to have a go at using it today, I'll do prosciutto wrapped chicken breasts and veggies, and maybe even a simple cake, just to try it out.


  1. I got one last month and use it all the time. This week I've made roast veg in 15mins vegan burgers in 15min from frozen and a shepherd's pie.

  2. I've not got one, so can't help, I'm afraid, although they do look good. Might have to have a look on-line! I'm not a fan of kitchen gadgets as a rule, as many just end up in the cupboard, never used, but I think an air-fryer might be useful. I hope you're able to get the drip tray without too much hassle. xx

  3. A nuisance about the missing part. Very frustrating. Could you fashion something with some foil?

    I use my air fryer ever such a lot. I'd hate to be without it. xx

    1. Foil would be a good idea, thanks Joy. Although the shallow baking tin I have will work well too. But if I forget to take it with me to the caravan, I've always got foil there.

  4. We use our air frier more than the oven, with just 2 of us we can make a meal in it. Hubby did cook a roast dinner with all the potatoes and parsnips, it was a bit of a hassle but everything cooked well. Ours is a Morphy Richards.

  5. The drip tray sits on the bottom to catch the bits that fall off the food, ie fat etc. I don’t cook anything on the tray, your baking tray sounds just the same as the drip tray provided (I have the mid range Tower model). Hope that helps.

  6. I'm no use sorry, although I've been almost tempted a couple of times to get an air fryer I didn't. I use a Remoska instead, it was a godsend at the Van and still is here at the lodge. I rarely put the oven on.


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