Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Air fryers - the difference

 As I, a new owner, understand it, there appear to be 2 main types of air fryer - one with a (or 2) pull out drawer containing a basket, which is what most people, including me, seem to think of as an air fryer.  Something that basically cooks chips with very little fat.....although I've since read that they do a lot more than that.  The other type, which is what I've got, is more like a mini oven - mine is the Tower 11 litre 5-in-1, this is it Vortx 2000W 11L 5-In-1 Manual Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie | T17038 | Kitchen Appliances | Tower Housewares

It has a glass front so you can see what's cooking, inside there are 3 shallow basket-type trays and a drip tray (although mine was missing!), which you can also use to cook on.  It's basically a super-fast very effective mini fan oven, with a rotisserie to cook (small) whole chickens etc.  It takes just a minute to heat up and cooks food in about 20-25% less time than a full oven.  I've joined a FB group and have read loads of helpful advice on there....just as well, as the booklet that comes with the appliance is next to useless.  Apparently, you can even do boiled their it!  Not in water, you just lay the eggs on one of the basket shelves.  You can bake cakes in it (as I proved yesterday), you simply have to ensure your baking tin fits inside the appliance - apparently you can also bake bread in it, husband is having a go at that today.  I'll let you know how he gets on.

The chicken breasts we had yesterday were delicious, juicy and succulent - they tend to dry out a bit in the main oven (or maybe that's just me cooking them too long!) but no sign of dryness at all in the AF.  The sliced Jersey Royals were fully cooked, crispy and delicious, done in the same length of time as the chicken, both cooked in the AF at the same time.  I sliced the potatoes to about the thickness of a pound coin.  I'd read that you should parboil potatoes first....I didn't bother, assuming that slicing them meant they'd cook perfectly well, and they did.

I'm pretty sure this appliance will render my normal oven redundant.


  1. Thanks for the clarification. I'm sure you'll enjoy experimenting with your new air fryer. I hope the bread turns out well. Oooh, you've made me want some warm, crusty, home-made bread now! xx

  2. We have just the basic basket kind and when we replace, I'll go bigger and more mini oven style. While I do for fries ( chips) we use it for just about anything frozen that will fit that used to go in the oven. I've not tried baking though. We've had it three years and it's used multiple times a week.

  3. Our air fryer is different. It is round with a stirring paddle. Not quite so versatile as yours but anything casserole style, chilli, mince, curry etc is great. Also good for stir fries, chips, roast spuds etc.

  4. I have the pull out drawer type a Ninja and today I made sausage rolls and scones and very nice they were too.

  5. I have the pull out drawer type and am very impressed with how juicy the meat is compared to an oven. I do need to experiment with it a bit more as supposedly you can cook a whole chicken and cakes as well. Enjoy playing with yours.

    God bless.

  6. As you know, I now have a Ninja and I'm so very happy with it - it works a real treat.
    I haven't tried a whole chicken yet but I will.


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